What Bradley Cooper would have looked like in that Crow reboot

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Dec 15, 2012

Not so long ago, we were all preparing to see a reboot of '90s gothic fantasy classic The Crow, starring none other than The Hangover ringleader Bradley Cooper. Cooper has since backed off the project, but thanks to this concept art by artist Diego Latorre, we've got an idea of what he would have looked like.

If these drawings are any indication, director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was definitely set to go in a different direction than director Alex Proyas and star Brandon Lee did in the original flick. The dark rings around Cooper's eyes and the guitar on his back seem to be the only carryovers.

That seems to mean no trademark white makeup for Cooper (or whoever takes his place), but he does seem to be keeping some variation of what's become his trademark facial scruff. Latorre is also experimenting with several different hairstyles here, none of which look very much like Lee's, but some of which have a very literal Crow-like appearance.

Of course, there's no guarantee that any of these looks would have made their way into the final flick anyway. Rumor has it we might see Mark Wahlberg or Channing Tatum taking on the role now, so just transpose their faces onto these images and see what you think.

Would this new look for the Crow make you want to see the flick?

(via Shock Till You Drop)

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