What castmate did Mal Reynolds sass when auditioning for Firefly?

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

On Nov. 11, the Science Channel has a full-day marathon of every Browncoat's favorite sci-fi western, Firefly, and as the marathon closes there will be a special cast reunion. We've got a sneak peek, and it's a bit of a scandal!

Okay, we say "scandal," but what we really mean is "surprising and hilarious thing that is just a teensy bit terrible." We all know and love Nathan Fillion, yes? It's generally believed that the man is a golden god with nary a mean bone is his body, correct?

Well, prepare to have your minds BLOWN ... at least a little bit. Apparently, when going out for the part of Capt. Mal Reynolds, Fillion was a "jerk" to another actor who would go on to play a major role on the show. "C'est impossible," you may be saying, but watch the video for yourself and you will know it to be true.

Did you watch it? You're wondering what Captain Mal would have been like if played by Summer Glau, too, aren't you? It's okay. Your secret's safe with us.

(via MTV Splash Page)