What does Harrison Ford really mean about that Blade Runner sequel?

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Dec 14, 2012

Harrison Ford was asked in a recent interview if he knew about the plans to resurrect Blade Runner, and his answer was, shall we say, ambiguous.

During a press junket in Montana for Cowboys & Aliens, in which he stars, Ford was asked by an interviewer for MTV News if he was aware of the recent acquisition of the rights to the Blade Runner franchise by a production company called Alcon Entertainment.

When the interviewer asked Ford if he thought his character, Rick Deckard (or, as the interviewer put it, "Rick Declan"—nice research there, pal), could possibly return to the screen, Ford replied, "You know, I have no idea at this point. It's very early on, and yeah, sure, I know some of the people involved, but it's a long way from fruition."

What exactly does that mean? Have the "people involved" approached Ford about reprising his role? Would the 69-year-old star play Declan—sorry, Deckard—as an older man, possibly a mentor to a new blade runner? Or is Ford just issuing the standard stock answer about something he really doesn't have any info about?

Watch the clip below and decide what you think. But in the meantime, if there is some sort of sequel/remake/reboot of Blade Runner on the way—and a part of us hopes there isn't—would it benefit from having Ford return as an older, wiser Deckard?

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