What Leonard Nimoy should do next— and more!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Here's a list of our hottest stories and best comments this week, in case you missed anything. Think of this week-ending roundup as a DVR for SCI FI Wire.


Our story: Bullet dodged: Fox kills Americanized Torchwood

Your best comment: Apparently FOX has become adept at canceling sci-fi shows on its network (Firefly, Terminator:SCC, Dollhouse). It now has first-strike capabilities and can cancel a show before it is even produced.— FilmGuru

Our story: The 12 most "inspiring" examples of environmentalism in sci-fi

Your best comment: A really green movie wouldn't be a movie at all because they would be so concerned about the environment that they would not have private jets schlub holier-than-thou celebs all over the world to pristine locations. Nor would they invade these pristine locations and contaminate them with all the energy sucking man made (by using up natural resources) equipment required to make this movie. Because once the movie is done in order to make any money they have to show the movie and a 30 theater cinemaplex the is built on former wetlands or farm land that runs industrial air conditioners so people can sit in soft fluffy chairs and eat all high fat buttered popcorn, m&m, suck on their teeth destroying sodas to watch this environmental crap to make themselves feel better. So they can then jump into their 12 MPG BMW suv, drive home to their 5400 SF house with the pool, hot tub, & air conditioning and still feel green.—CYA1970

Our story: Lord of the G-Strings and 12 other sci-fi porn parodies

Your best comment: Here's a weird one.Craig T Nelson did the voice of the monster at the end of Flesh Gordon.check the credits—hermy

Our story: Leonard Nimoy announces retirement ... again

Your best comment: 4 words - Dancing with the Stars.

3 more - Star Trek Edition!—wow

Our story: Why tomorrow's Doctor Who premiere is the best yet

Your best comment: I guess it's just a part of being a Doctor Who fan that you'll never, ever accept a new actor in the role, and that the previous one will always be your Doctor... until ten minutes into the new guy's performance.— DeBoss1

Our story: Marvel to make movies of Dr. Strange, Luke Cage...the Dazzler??

Your best comment: I want to see Spider Ham (Peter Porker) make it to the big screen!

In addition, they should bring in the other characters from the Spider Ham universe like May Porker, Mary Jane Waterbuffalo, J Jonah Jackal, Batty Brant, Deerdevil, and Sub Marsupial—Fierce South

Our story: James Cameron: Avatar 2 will enter Abyss territory

Your best comment: I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed Avatar for all of its aspects, including its classic storyline and archetypal characters.

Crap on it all you want, I'd rather have a simple plot than the convoluted trainwreck that was Pirates 3, and characters with just enough grit to have some edge but not need a huge backstory scene.

The idea of the story expanding out over all of Pandora, and then out into the rest of the Alpha Centauri solar system, as the series progresses is fantastic. Just as long as they don't find:
1. Aliens (specifically Ripley's friends)
2. Predators
3. Ewoks
4. Riddick
5. God
6. Time travellers
7. The chick from Species
8. Evil robots
9. That stupid crying Martian from that equally stupid Jerry O'connell movie...
10. KHAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!—trueman832

Our story: How Syfy's Riverworld is a new retelling of a great story

Your best comment: I remember when the ads came out for The Godfather. It was simple. " The Godfather is now a movie." That 's what I would have liked. To Your Scattered Bodies Go is now a movie. No re-imagining or second guessing. Just film the original story.—LIONTIME

Our story: Hobbit script is done: Peter Jackson says what's next

Your best comment: The plot of the movie : Bilbo, ably played by David Tennant and his landlord go off to save Middle Earth from destruction by a squeaky-voiced land developer. The working title : "Who" Framed Lodger Hobbit—rdb23j

Our story: Alien prequel will reveal origins of the 'space jockey'

Your best comment: I know this is a really insignificant and anal point, but this kind of thing irks me--that the film is set in a time not really very far in the future. Does anyone really believe we'll have interstellar travel by the year 2085?

I always figured the original Alien was probably set at least 2-3 centuries in the future, not the early years of the 22nd century. It seems like a lot of science fiction films do this--show human beings only 50-100 years from now traveling all over the galaxy.—zathras

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