What Marc Webb might have to do if he wants to direct Spidey 2

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Dec 17, 2012

In the hands of director Marc Webb, Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man exploded at the box office this summer, with more than $600 million and a big helping of critical acclaim. Naturally, that means Sony wants Webb back for the sequel, and word is that Webb wants to come back too. But it might not be that simple.

Sony's already hard at work developing the Spidey sequel for a spring 2014 release. They've even gone so far as bringing in powerhouse writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Star Trek 2, Ender's Game) to rewrite the script from Amazing Spider-Man co-writer James Vanderbilt. It seems like the ideal thing now would be to bring Webb back in to carry on the story he began and, much as Christopher Nolan did with Batman, continue to build his own little cinematic world.

But despite Webb's desire to revisit the world of Peter Parker for at least one more movie, he might be held back by another studio. See, Webb has owed another movie to Fox ever since he made critical darling (500) Days of Summer for them back in 2009. Fox was kind enough to let him off the hook long enough to go to Sony for Spidey, but now that they can put "From the director of The Amazing Spider-Man" in front of any film he makes for them, they might not be so generous this time.

So is there a way out? There's a chance that Webb could fire off a small feature for Fox Searchlight very soon, but it would be a tight fit with less than two years until Spidey 2 is slated to hit theaters. But according to the LA Times, there may be another way. They're hearing that Fox is considering a deal that would allow Webb to return to Sony for another web-slinging blockbuster, provided he commits to two films for them when he's done. It might not be an ideal arrangement for a rising star director, particularly if Webb's hoping to make a trilogy with Spider-Man, but it would at least give him the chance to make the sequel and take things from there.

What do you think? Is all this jostling worth it?

(Via LA Times)

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