What NOT to expect from Iron Man 3's Mandarin and those ten rings

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Dec 17, 2012

Over the past two years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gotten more ... alien. It's all part of the studios' plan to rope in new otherworldly characters. But their next sequel, Iron Man 3, will go in a different direction.

Next summer, Tony Stark's back with another solo adventure. Judging from the film's trailer, he'll be attacked on all fronts led by the evil Mandarin. If you're familiar with the comics, you know that name is synonymous with the Ten Rings. And yes, he wears them in the movie, but they'll be nowhere near as powerful.

According to EW, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said, "We won't get ice rays and fire beams from these rings ... this version of the Mandarin will have a different backstory from the comics, in which he was a Chinese exile who discovers a crashed alien ship and harnesses the power of the Ten Rings aboard it to unleash havoc on the world."

With Thor, The Avengers and now Guardians of the Galaxy, we thought Marvel was comfortable with alien elements. We're interested in seeing their revised version of the Mandarin and his deadly accessories.

How do you think the Ten Rings will fit into the story?

(via EW)

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