What Ryan Reynolds thinks is LAME about Green Lantern's costume

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Still arguing with your friends about that glimpse we got of Green Lantern's uniform on the cover of Entertainment Weekly? Good! Ryan Reynolds is happy we're so worked up over it. Here's why—and what HE thought was "lame" about the costume!

Turns out Reynolds, who plays both Hal Jordan and the movie's title character, doesn't WANT everyone to be satisfied.

"There has to be a little healthy debate about it," Reynolds told MTV. "That's important. If it were just slanted one way or the other, I don't think it would be that satisfying."

You might have noticed that the white gloves that are a part of Green Lantern's costume in the comics and cartoons are missing from the film's CGI suit. And Reynolds was glad the gloves were ditched.

"The white gloves aren't there, and I think that's fine, because, specifically, they're lame," he said. "But everything else is going to be there. I think the fanboys and the people that are new to the character are going to love it."

What do YOU think about the way the costume is being handled in its transition to the big screen?

(via reelzchannel)