What the new Superman/Wonder Woman romance means for Lois Lane

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Dec 17, 2012

Last week we learned that Superman and Wonder Woman will officially become the DC Universe's ultimate power couple in the pages of Justice League #12. But what does that mean for Superman's perennial girlfriend, ace reporter Lois Lane? Whatever it is, it's not good.

The fact that Justice League writer and DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns referred to the Superman/Wonder Woman hookup as the "new status quo" probably raised red flags about Lois' future for a lot of fans already, but things keep looking bleaker for the Daily Planet writer's future with Clark Kent.

In a just-published piece on the topic, Associated Press writer Matt Moore said that Lois and Clark "have never dated, nor are they likely to." In the same piece, DC co-publisher and Justice League artist Jim Lee noted that the implications of this superpowered romance are big enough that we'll probably forget all about Lois.

"The way Geoff unfolds the story and the implications of 2 of the most powerful characters in the DCU becoming a team is something that goes beyond the question of 'What about Lois and Clark?' This is a statement to every nation and geopolitical organization in the entire DC Universe giving creative teams ample material to explore this relationship on so many different levels."

And, in case you're wondering if DC is paying attention to fan backlash on the matter, Lee makes it clear that they are, but they're not worried about you getting mad. In fact, they're pleased with it.

"If you change anything from the length of a cape to the shape of a belt buckle, there's always some fan that notices and is appalled. We're very lucky to have a very passionate fan base."

So if you were hoping that Diana and Kal-El were just having a passing fling, this is bad news, at least until the next reboot. Meanwhile, we're sure Lois won't let it get her down too much. After all, there are scoops to get out there in Metropolis, and it's a good bet that Hal Jordan would be willing to take her to dinner at the drop of a hat.

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