What was the most time-shifted TV show of 2011? Hint: It's scary!

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Dec 16, 2012

We all used to watch TV live because, well, we had to. But suddenly that seems so last century, and more and more of us are waiting a couple of hours ... or a couple of days ... or even more to watch our favorite shows. So which series got time-shifted the most in 2011?

One of them was sci-fi, while it looks like the scariest show of the year turned out to be the most time-shifted, too!

According to Nielsen's year-end list, American Horror Story got a 95.3 percent boost from time-shifting viewers, while Fringe leaped 80.3 percent.

Check out 2011's top 10:

1. American Horror Story (95.3 percent)

2. Covert Affairs (95.1 percent)

3. Suits (94.5 percent)

4. Franklin & Bash (92 percent)

5. Psych (90.3 percent)

6. Sons of Anarchy (85.8 percent)

7. White Collar (85.6 percent)

8. Justified (83.9 percent)

9. Fringe (80.3 percent)

10. The Glades (78.8 percent)

So how do you watch your TV? Do you need to see it live? Or are you willing to wait?

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

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