What we know (and you need to know) about Sherlock 2

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Sure, Iron Man is awesome, but what's up with Sherlock Holmes, that other franchise starring Robert Downey Jr.? Turns out Warner Brothers is gearing up a sequel right away.

We spoke with producer Joel Silver while he was promoting Splice in a roundtable interview, and during the interview we uncovered a few details about the eagerly anticipated sequel.

The start of shooting is not that far away.

First off, Silver thinks it will be ready to shoot before the end of this year. "We'll start shooting in the fall and coming out maybe the following year," Silver said on May 22 in Hollywood.

The clues to the sequel are already buried within the first film.

It ends with Holmes identifying his archnemesis, Moriarty. That will be where the second film picks up, says Silver, making the first film a blueprint for who Moriarty will be.

"We want it to be really bold and strong, and Moriarty has got to be a really incredible character," Silver said. "We spent a movie setting up a character, and now we can make the next movie where we pay that character off."

Rachel McAdams will return, but ...

If he's planning to shoot in the fall, Silver will have to cast his Moriarty soon. Downey is back as Holmes, and Jude Law returns as Dr. Watson. Silver even said that McAdams would reappear but that she wouldn't be the leading lady this time.

"She'll be present," was all Silver would say.

Who do you think should play Moriarty? And for that matter, which Arthur Conan Doyle character could pick up the baton from McAdams?

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