What we thought of the 6 mins of Total Recall we saw at Comic-Con

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Dec 17, 2012

The Total Recall panel at Comic-Con today featured a brand-new, six-minute extended trailer for director Len Wiseman's remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Paul Verhoeven classic, and we don't think the action stopped once.

The new Total Recall stars Colin Farrell this time around as Doug Quaid, the unassuming manual laborer who discovers he's actually a deadly spy in a future where the world is ruled by two mega-corporations. Bryan Cranston plays the villain Cohaagen, while Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale are the women, one good and one bad, in Quaid's life.

The film takes a number of liberties with the original (forget the Philip K. Dick story that both are based on—the liberties taken with that could make another whole movie), but one thing they both have in common is a ton of action. Yet Wiseman says that the tone of his film is different from the first one, meaning less over-the-top humor and mayhem and more gritty, deadly serious violence.

The footage certainly bears that out—once it gets going, it just doesn't let up. Furious midair car chases and crashes, tons of blazing weapons and knockdown fisticuffs are the order of the day ... even if some of the scenes oddly make it look like Farrell is crawling around the Death Star with stormtroopers in pursuit.

The rest of the panel was more or less a rerun of last year's introductory one, with Farrell clowning around, Beckinsale and Biel looking glamorous, and Cranston joking that all four of them had to sleep with Wiseman to get their parts (we know at least one of them did sleep with him—he's married to Beckinsale).

We love the original 1990 movie, but we wouldn't say it's an untouchable classic. Hopefully all that action and firepower will still have a solid story underneath it. We'll find out when Total Recall opens in three weeks!

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