What Wolverine's creator wants to see in the next movie

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Wolverine creator Len Wein approves of setting a sequel film in Japan and exploring a different side of the character.

"Just exploring the character more," Wein told SCI FI PI, The SCI FI Channel Australia Blog. "The Japanese story, if that's where they're going—and I imagine that is where they're planning to go—is the perfect next choice. Gives you a whole different side of the character. And that allows you to explore aspects that haven't been explored on film so far. You know, the noble warrior, as opposed to the berserker."

The blog sat down with Wein in Beverly Hills, Calif., to discuss just how to spot a decent comic-book movie and what it's like trying to handle Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore as the editor of Watchmen. Check out the entire interview below.

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