What would a mashup of Batman and Inception look like? Try this

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Dec 14, 2012

Ever wonder what would happen if you mashed up the saga of Batman with the mind-bending dream narrative of Inception?

A YouTube user going by the name of TheManBatman has made a trailer for a nonexistent—but very ambitious—film called The Batman Complex, which incorporates footage from The Dark Knight, Batman Begins and several other Christian Bale films, including The Machinist, as well as Inception and Shutter Island.

The storyline seems to follow what happens when Leonardo DiCaprio's Inception character implants the idea of becoming Batman into the mind of a mental patient named Bruce Wayne, with drastic results. The idea takes root and Wayne turns himself into the Caped Crusader—or does he? Is it all just a figment of his imagination?

We almost wish we could see the movie and find out. The clever trailer, while a tad too long, pulls together its footage in a reasonably feasible manner and even includes a surprise cameo from another famous actor who once wore the cowl.

Check it out below and tell us—should Christopher Nolan put The Dark Knight Rises on the shelf and make The Batman Complex instead?

(via NYMag)

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