What's with all the pink UFOs showing up on Google Street Views?

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Jul 4, 2015

You can see some crazy stuff on Google Street View if you're willing to look around a bit, but this might be a first. A woman in Texas looking for directions happened to spot what looks like a pink flying saucer on the app, and as if that weren't weird enough, it turns out she's not the only one.

Andrea Dove was looking up directions for a trip from her home in the Houston area to the city of Jacksonville in northeast Texas when she spotted the pink shape pictured above hovering above a Jacksonville bank. Intrigued and possibly a bit freaked out, Dove contacted a local East Texas ABC News affiliate KLTV and reported what she'd seen.

"No one I spoke with had seen anything strange over Jacksonville, and although it could be a lens flare or an unexplainable reflection of some nearby object, I saw no indication of anything which fell under that umbrella," said KLTV reporter Jamey Boyum.

But wait, it gets weirder. It turns out another, nearly identical pink saucer was spotted on another Google Street View page hundreds of miles away in Acoma Pueblo, N.M. Check it out:

Again, no one seems to have seen anything in the sky above the town in question, but there it is, a hot pink saucer. So are aliens targeting Google Street View cameras, or is it something else? According to photo analyst Marc Dantonio, it's probably something else.

"I examined the Google Earth photo in question. This is a simple, but classic, lens flare," Dantonio said..

"It is oriented exactly perpendicular to the sun, which is, of course, the source of the lens flare. The red color -- although apparently odd -- is not really unexpected. Color can be related to chromatic aberration where the light rays do not reach the same focal point, causing the final artifact to appear in a primary color like red, green or blue."

So this was just a false alarm, but Google Earth is a big place. So the next time you're looking up how to get to Denver or Pittsburgh or Roswell (get it?), be sure to open up the Street View and look around. You might see something cool, and it might end up being real.

(Via Huffington Post)

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