What's the future of Community? Joel McHale and Yahoo! weigh in

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Jun 3, 2015, 6:05 PM EDT (Updated)

This time last year, Community was in a state of rather sad limbo. The show was canceled by NBC after Season 5, and it wasn't until the end of June 2014 that Yahoo! swooped in and picked up the show for a sixth season on its Yahoo! Screen streaming service. Now that season is over, and it ended without any official announcement of either another season or that movie that fans are rooting for.

So, does that mean Community is over? Definitely not, but it doesn't mean it's continuing, either. What we've heard so far has been quite vague, but it's at least better than hearing the show is canceled and gone for good. The first new word on what might come after the finale came Monday, when star Joel McHale appeared on Conan and discussed the series' future. 

"I think we will do a movie if [creator Dan Harmon] will write the script," McHale said. "Believe me, I'd love to do another season."

McHale also said of Yahoo! that "they want to do more" but didn't really elaborate on what else the company might have said about when or how. Yahoo! isn't saying much either at this point, but Deadline reports that "conversations" are happening between the company and Community studio Sony Pictures TV about the possibilty of another season. On Tuesday, when the season finale aired, Yahoo! also released this statement:

“With the season six finale of Community airing today, we’re continually excited by how much fans are engaging with the series. Now that all episodes are available for binge viewing, stay tuned for how we keep Community delighting its fans.”

Well, the "stay tuned" is certainly an indication that Yahoo! wants more Community episodes, but when that might become official is still an open question, as is how long it might take to actually produce those episodes now that Season 6 has come and gone without a renewal. Things do look good for Community right now, though, and we'll keep you posted if anything official comes down the line.

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