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What's getting Team FANGRRLS through quarantine the week of April 27

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Apr 30, 2020, 1:00 PM EDT

Let's be honest: things are different right now, and we don't necessarily have a sense of when that will change, but for now, we're doing whatever we can to get through it. That's why SYFY FANGRRLS is offering our latest series in what's helping us relax while we're all staying at home, whether it's playing a new game, watching (or rewatching) a favorite TV show, staring at an actor's gorgeous face... you name it, we're probably doing it.

So what have some of the members of Team FANGRRLS been relying on to get themselves through quarantine this week? Let's check in.

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Top stories
Redd Animal Crossing

That shady Redd from Animal Crossing: New Horizon

This week in quarantine, I'm finding out that the wasps aren't the only things that can hurt me in Animal Crossing. Redd the fox finally made his way to my island. This isn't my first encounter with Redd but I thought maybe he’d changed his ways. Sadly, he hasn’t. Redd is still pushing counterfeit art. I'm talking art as fake as the gift cards Charles Xavier gives his mutant students for Christmas. Redd's betrayal hurts the most because it hits both your bells and your trust. If you can't trust complete strangers who arrive at your remote island via a shady looking tugboat, then who can you trust? Redd is methodical in his con game too. The first piece of art he sold me was real. I sold it to the encyclopedia disguised as an owl named Blathers, and the next thing I know the museum now has an art wing. So, since I've been tasked with securing additional works of art for the museum and Redd is the only contact for art, I'm forced to play Russian roulette with the art pieces on his shady tugboat. - Stephanie Williams

Animal Crossing turnips

The stress of the Turnip Stalk Market

There’s plenty to be stressed about in our daily lives these days. Do I have the virus? Will I get the virus? How do I breathe with this mask on? Why isn't that person wearing a mask?! But one really great distraction is replacing all of that stress with fake and unimportant stress… like turnips. If you don't know already, the Stalk Market in Animal Crossing consists of buying and selling turnips in order to make a profit. Once a week, everyone tries to buy turnips at the lowest price possible and then throughout the rest of the week, you spend hours in various group chats and on the Internet trying to figure out just when and where to sell your turnips at the highest price. Yes, it's stressful. Yes, it's time-consuming. Yes, it has absolutely no bearing on the real world AT ALL. How nice it is to worry about something as insignificant as turnips rather than the fall of society as you know it. - Heather Mason

D&D Online

Playing so much D&D

Before the dark times, trying to get people together to play D&D was a challenge. Scheduling was a tougher monster than even the most fearsome Kraken or Tiamat the Dragon herself. But with everyone restless at home and looking for something to do, the time is now for all us Will Byers types to shine. Last week I played in five tabletop roleplaying games and served as Dungeon Master for two of my own. This week will yield another handful more. One game that used to struggle to go at a monthly rate has transformed into a weekly one. While I can't wait for the days when I can sit around a table with some friends and some salty snacks to play, these online games have been a godsend. With constantly shifting information, uncertainty about the future, about the now, and my emotions in a regular state of flux, the times when I have felt the most normal, the most grounded in reality, are those when I'm letting fate determine the results of some dice as some friends and I explore a fantasy world. - Riley Silverman

Lena Headey

Lena Headey's Instagram

Fans who know Lena Headey only for her role as the ruthless Queen Cersei on Game of Thrones might be surprised to find out that 1) she's hilarious, and 2) she has one of the best celebrity Instagrams out there. Lately, her feed has been a perfect mixture of concern for those impacted, criticism of the Trump administration, and absurdist ramblings that always make us smile. Videos in which she talks into a banana like it's a phone or feeds a particularly glamorous hamster a wafer have been surprising highlights of our social distancing. While so many people are bemoaning the grating boredom of being indoors for weeks at a time, you get the sense that Headey is opening up new realms of creativity, granting us exactly the kind of surreal semi-positivity we are looking for in week #??? of quarantine. - Sara Century

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Rewatching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Say what you will about this sometimes-uneven TV show, but I am loving rewatching it from the beginning to get ready for the release of the final season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Watching Skye grow as a fighter and a strategist, the Ward twist, the FitzSimmons love/friendship, and Phil Coulson's expert management skills is warming my heart. And, when we add the incomparable Agent May to the mix, it's hard not to love this action-packed series with a heart of gold. I know, I know, just wait until the aliens, time travel, and other completely out-there stories take place. Reader, I am pumped. - S.E. Fleenor

'The Phantom of The Opera' | The Phantom Of The Opera - Stay Home #WithMe

Phantom of the Opera FANGRRLism

When I was a teenager, I fell head over heels in love with The Phantom of the Opera, both the Gaston Leroux book and the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Seasons may change and tastes may evolve but as I approach 30, I still have a mega soft spot for my murder basement trash man who sleeps in a coffin and has too many feelings. As part of lockdown fever, Lloyd Webber screened both Phantom and the abhorrent sequel Love Never Dies via YouTube to raise money for the NHS, so of course I watched both with feverish intensity. And of course I followed that up by buying a bunch of Phantom-related books from eBay. And of course I then watched Brian de Palma's Phantom of the Paradise, which imagines the novel as a Faustian 1970s nightclub where the guy who wrote "The Rainbow Connection" for The Muppets is possibly Satan. I could talk to you all day about the #problematic elements of Phantom or the literary theory behind it all, but sometimes, all you need is a sharp injection of pure nostalgic giddiness, and right now, my chandelier-hating composer provided it all. - Kayleigh Donaldson

Midnight Margaritas

Making my way through Cocktails of the Movies

A few years ago, a friend got me a beautifully illustrated book called Cocktails of the Movies for my birthday, featuring classic cocktails from an array of movies including James Bond's Vodka 'Vesper' Martini (shaken not stirred), Midnight Margaritas from Practical Magic, and A Clockwork Orange's Moloko Plus. Before lockdown, I had perfected a couple of the drinks but have since expanded my tipple horizons by making my way through the book (with what ingredients I have in my apartment). Not only does the recipe explain when the drink features in the movie, but it also gives the backstory to the origin of the cocktail. Trying these different concoctions almost makes it feel like I am at a bar and not in my apartment. There are definitely some I will be avoiding, including the Amber Moon from Murder on the Orient Express (it has a raw egg in it), but this has become a fun project for when it hits 5 o'clock on a Friday. And I know it will be Stanley Tucci-approved after his excellent Negroni-making demo, so if he needs any other ideas, I've got him covered. - Emma Fraser