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What's getting Team FANGRRLS through quarantine the week of May 11

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May 14, 2020, 6:05 PM EDT

Let's be honest: Things are different right now, and we don't necessarily have a sense of when that will change, but for now, we're doing whatever we can to get through it. That's why the team at SYFY FANGRRLS decided to share what's helping us relax while we're all staying at home, whether it's playing a new game, watching (or rewatching) a favorite TV show, staring at an actor's gorgeous face ... you name it, we're probably doing it.

So what have some of the members of Team FANGRRLS been relying on to get themselves through quarantine this week? We're going to fill you in.

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Top stories
Robert Pattinson

The Robert Pattinson GQ profile

Every industry is adapting to the current conditions, which includes press tours for movies that had their releases dates planned pre-quarantine. Interviews are being conducted remotely over video chat, giving a sneak peek at the (probably) carefully curated backdrop. Robert Pattinson's GQ cover story offers a wild look at what the future Caped Crusader has been doing since production shut down on The Batman (not working out, for example). Zach Baron's profile of the star is a whole journey to be experienced, crisscrossing through a fast-food venture he wants to launch (pasta burger, anyone?), career anxiety, quarantine, and not knowing what he can say about Tenet (or if he can even explain it). Furthermore, he might not have a handle on technology, but he shoots an incredible self-portrait — all the images were taken by himself. RPatz always gives great press tour (fake dead clown story, anyone?), however, this is going to be an interview we will long remember (and that I will be revisiting when I feel down), not only because it sums up how a lot of us are feeling but because he is a "true chaos agent." - Emma Fraser

What We Do in the Shadows Season 2

The new season of What We Do in the Shadows

I have long held that my exact sweet spot for comedy is in the spaces where dark and silly meet, so I was the exact target audience for Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's What We Do in the Shadows. Like many fans of the movie, I was pleasantly surprised at how good FX's TV adaptation was about carrying forward the tone and brilliance of the movie while still being able to fly on its own two wings. (BAT!) But I had no idea just how much I NEEDED this show until it gleefully came back into my life a few weeks ago. This new season has been such a perfect escape into absurdity, with plot threads like Guillermo, the familiar, reluctantly sliding down the path into being a full-fledged vampire hunter, or the further exploration of psychic vampire Colin Robinson. In the absence of my precious The Clone Wars, What We Do in the Shadows has filled the void for me as my weekly "must watch" show. I long for a world where the biggest threat we have to face is the mundanity of our friendly, neighborhood vampires. - Riley Silverman

The Vampire Diaries

A rewatch of The Vampire Diaries

I came to the The Vampire Diaries fandom pretty late. Last year two of my writer friends sat me down and asked me to watch one episode. Three episodes later, I understood why the show had been a sensation and I was furious at myself for ever having resisted. The pacing is flawless, and during this rewatch I keep feeling a renewed sense of surprise at the introductions of new plots (werewolves! vampire moms! doppelgangers!). The way they handle character development feels like a study to young adult authors like myself. Caroline's arc is *chef's kiss* though Bonnie Bennet will always deserve better. Let's face it, I'm here for the romance. When you start you would die for sweet Stefan, but by the end of Season 1, you understand Damon Salvatore on a deep spiritual level that echoes the moral gray compass of your id. Also, Damon's abs. - Zoraida Cordova


Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men Age of Apocalypse Series

Jay and Miles have been out here explaining the X-Men via their podcast for nearly 300 episodes now, bringing a whole new critical angle to the X-Books by granting readers new and old an amused and informative explainer on Marvel's Merry Mutants. Somewhat bizarrely, our own real-world pandemic is coinciding with their coverage of 1995's massive dystopian crossover, Age of Apocalypse. Several episodes are currently in the can with many more to go, but revisiting such an impactful crossover in a time when many of us are wondering what comes next has been surprisingly cathartic as a listener. Noted in the show as "the most glam alternate universe of all," the series is discussing everything from characterization to fashion choices with a few unrelated filler episodes about self-isolation and impactful books along the way. Having read Age of Apocalypse as a preteen, this is a strangely perfect time to revisit, and Jay and Miles' mix of serious criticism and loving tribute is hitting the spot. - Sara Century

Animal Crossing

Putting my jock neighbor in jail on Animal Crossing

We all know that in the land of Animal Crossing there are good neighbors and there are not-so-good neighbors. My least favorite kind? Jocks. I have not one, but two, jocks on my island and I hate them both. Today, the source of my true ire is Genji. Genji came onto my island after getting run off a friend's, and then immediately started shaming me for not CONSTANTLY WORKING OUT. You know what, Genji? Life is meaningless and everything is garbage so if I want to spend my time planting flowers or changing outfits or fishing or catching bugs or WHATEVER, it's my choice. Stop giving me exercise equipment and workout clothes!

It was all so annoying. But when did Genji really cross a line? When he started pumping iron in. my. yard. He stood in my flowers, in my walkway, and worked that dumbbell while looking at me into my eyes. Defying me, daring me to do my worst. And do my worst I would. Later that day, a gift from the skies fell into my wallet. A DIY for JAIL BARS. So I put Genji under house arrest. I built a jail bar and put it front of his door.

Not ten minutes later, what do I spy? But Genji! Doing jumping jacks! In the plaza! In front of the residence hall doors! Most inconveniently!

So I built three more jail bars and I waited. And I stalked. Taking a breather from his work out, Genji sat down next to a tree and I was ready. Those four jail bars went up in tandem to create the tiniest cell and I won the day. Eat it, Genji. Don't f*** with me. Preeti Chhibber

Avengers Annual baseball

Superheroes playing baseball

I learned this week the X-Men aren’t the only superheroes who love to play a competitive game of baseball when they have downtime. In The Avengers Annual #15, the East Coast and West Coast Avengers square off in a pickup game of baseball. It’s not some backyard game either. In faithful Avengers fashion, they play at a real baseball stadium. The best moment happens when Wonder Man tries his best Babe Ruth impersonation by calling a home run before he even hits the ball. Unfortunately for him, Monica Rambeau is playing the outfield. Fortunately for all of us, Monica takes the opportunity to flex her amazing power set, turning his home run into an out. Well, it should have been an out, but Hank Pym calls it a ground double after Wonder Man whines about being robbed of his homer. It’s a fun moment and as close as I can get to anything sports-related outside of watching The Last Dance on ESPN. - Stephanie Williams

Harley Quinn DC Universe

Watching Harley Quinn

I've had a noticeable dearth in good TV shows to watch lately — I know, I know, there's so much in the era of Peak TV, how could I possibly be lacking? — but it turns out that the show I needed to fill a very particular void featured my very favorite foul-mouthed chaotic queen Harley Quinn and her band of misfit villains on her self-titled animated series from DC Universe. It's hilarious, the animation is really fun and stylized, and it doesn't take itself or the DC Comics realm too seriously in the slightest. Oh, and Harley and Ivy are absolutely on the way to becoming on-screen girlfriends. That's not wishful thinking, either; IT'S TOTALLY HAPPENING. - Carly Lane

DuckTales The Disney Channel

Catching up on DuckTales (woohoo!)

When they first announced the DuckTales relaunch, I was gaga over the voicecast that boasted Community's Danny Pudi, Garfunkel and Oates' Kate Micucci, We Bare Bears' Bobby Moynihan, Parks and Recreation's Ben "Jean Ralphio" Schwartz, and Doctor Who's David Tennant as the Scottish miser and globe-trekking adventurer Scrooge McDuck. It was thrilling to read how the reboot's creators, Francisco Angones and Matt Youngberg, were aiming to indulge in the nostalgia for the '80s cartoon series while creating a modern take with greater representation that included a Webby, who does way more than fret and follow, and a Latino Gizmoduck voiced by Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda. Sadly, as a cord-cutter, I didn't have access to the series until it hit Disney+. Now, I'm diving into this cute and clever series with all the relish that Scrooge dives into the gold-coin pool of his money bin. Each episode offers an enthralling adventure that dabbles either in scurvy pirates, mysterious ghosts, malevolent magic, intrepid time travel or maybe a complicated exploration of superhero fandom, as told through a reboot tale of Darkwing Duck! If you're hungering for something familiar, yet fresh, funny, and wildly fun, I suggest joining me on my DIY marathon. - Kristy Puchko