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What's getting Team FANGRRLS through quarantine the week of May 25

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May 28, 2020, 3:00 PM EDT

Let's be honest: things are different right now, and we don't necessarily have a sense of when that will change, but for now, we're doing whatever we can to get through it. That's why SYFY FANGRRLS is offering our latest series in what's helping us take some of the edge off of this whole shelter-in-place sitch, whether it's playing a new game, watching (or rewatching) a favorite TV show, staring at an actor's gorgeous face... you name it, we're probably doing it.

So what have some of the members of Team FANGRRLS been relying on to get themselves through quarantine this week? Let them tell you in their own words.

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Top stories

Watching Bewitched

Two DVD box sets have been providing some nice, mostly not work-related watching since the lockdown hit. The first is Bewitched, which I received for Christmas after I casually mentioned my interest (OK, it was written on my list). I have seen plenty of episodes of the beloved sitcom, but never from the start or in order. This world of magic and marital hijinks has been a calming presence while navigating a small apartment with my husband — who is now also working from home. Samantha's costumes are also providing much inspiration, so look out for all the wild patterns I will be investing in.

The complete Columbo is the bedtime watch of choice, which doesn't sound like the most soothing sleep aid but there is a comfort knowing Columbo will crack the case (plus I have a crush on Peter Falk). - Emma Fraser

Zenimation | Official Trailer | Disney+

Disney's Zenimation

I stumbled on Zenimation on Disney+'s home screen while randomly browsing. The series, billing itself as a celebration of the animation and sound effects artists of the studio, is essentially a set of compilations of Disney animation scenes with no dialogue and no music. Basically, they're a series of soundscapes paired with the amazing visuals that we've come to expect out of Disney animation. The pieces all meditate around a certain theme, like water or discovery or cityscapes.

And it works for me in a way I wasn't expecting. I had no idea how comforting it would be to watch Moana quietly repair her sails in the dark open ocean or watching the lanterns of Tangled ignite in a path winding down the hills of the kingdom. The program even incorporates footage from some of the films of the less successful eras of Disney Animation, like Treasure Planet and Atlantis, providing a journey through the visual history of the studio as well. With the news of the outside world seemingly changing and shifting every day, this simple little program was a nice discovery, a way to just take a few minutes to shut off my mind and take a ride on a water horse with Elsa or soar with Baymax. - Riley Silverman

Jessica Jones Serial Box

Serial Box's new Jessica Jones series

Serial Box is such a fun idea and a ton of great writers have been stepping up to tell epic audio adventures featuring any number of popular franchises. Recently their debut series of Thor: Metal Gods gave us one of the most genuinely entertaining Thor stories of all time, while the Black Widow: Bad Blood series gave Natasha Romanoff fans a compelling new drama for their favorite Russian spy. Each series is told via multiple award-winning writers, so you always know the quality is going to be high.

As of this week, we saw the start of a new Jessica Jones serial by Lauren Beukes, Vita Ayala, Sam Beckbessinger, Zoe Quinn, and Elsa Sjunneson and narrated by Fryda Wolff. In Jessica Jones: Playing With Fire, we're introduced to a Jess who is doing everything she can to get healthy and self-care, but she's immediately drawn all the way back into her life as our most beloved gritty hardened noir detective when she discovers a case that is being dismissed as an overdose, which she believes is anything but. Jessica Jones and the old-time radio format are a match made in heaven, so go check it out! - Sara Century

Return of the Kings: LORD OF THE RINGS Reunites Apart on Sunday 5/31!

The upcoming Lord of the Rings cast reunion

Where were YOU when you found out that the cast of The Lord of the Rings would be reuniting for a special video chat hangout on Sunday, May 31? I was aimlessly scrolling through Twitter, as one does and has continued to do in this time of pandemic, when I stumbled across a trailer that had been retweeted into my timeline from actor Josh Gad, who's been organizing cast reunions as a part of his Reunited Apart series. So far, we've been treated to the casts of Splash, The Goonies and Back to the Future — and now, the Fellowship of the Ring and friends are getting the reunion treatment!

Let me just say that everyone's reaction to Sir Ian McKellen doing Gandalf lines in the trailer above was also my reaction. And based on a pic shared from Dominic Monaghan's Instagram account yesterday, the WHOLE BAND is getting back together! Might eff around and watch all three LOTR movies this weekend just 'cause I can. - Carly Lane

harley 2

Catching up on Harley Quinn

I'm not sure there's anything more cathartic than watching DCU's Harley Quinn animated series right now. I spent Memorial Day catching up on the adventures of our favorite foul-mouthed baddest b*tch around and thus far Season 2 has not disappointed. (Spoilers up to the current episode of Harley Quinn from here on out.) The A-plot drama is of course that New New Gotham has been overrun and cut out of America because it's a very, very bloody mess. But the B-plot drama, hoo boy, the B-PLOT DRAMA I AM LIVING FOR is that Harley and Ivy escaped Bane's Pit-slash-Rehabilitation-Center and then they were K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

These two characters have grown from being friendly to becoming confidantes and best friends, the person they can each truly count on. Their chemistry is out of control and to see it finally culminate on screen was a big Win Moment. Now, we haven't yet seen the full fall out of how this will end up going, but if the preview screencap for this week's episode is any indication, it's definitely, uh, moving forward. - Preeti Chhibber