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What's getting Team FANGRRLS through quarantine this week

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Apr 23, 2020, 1:00 PM EDT

Let's be honest: things are different right now, and we don't necessarily have a sense of when that will change, but for now, we're doing whatever we can to get through it. That's why SYFY FANGRRLS is offering our latest series in what's helping us take some of the edge off of this whole shelter-in-place sitch, whether it's playing a new game, watching (or rewatching) a favorite TV show, staring at an actor's gorgeous face... you name it, we're probably doing it.

So what have some of the members of Team FANGRRLS been relying on to get themselves through quarantine this week? The answers may (or may not) surprise you.

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Top stories
Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac's Dune beard

Confession, I know next to nothing about Dune and while I plan on at least watching David Lynch's version before Denis Villeneuve's hits theaters (when we can go back to watching movies this way), right now I am being enticed and soothed by the images released by Vanity Fair this week. One shot in particular kept popping up on my Twitter and Instagram TL, which was a welcome presence in a sea of bad news. To quote John Boyega, "FACKING ELL OSCAR!" Between the come hither expression and the exceptional beard, this is all the promo Warner Bros. needs to do to get me to buy a ticket. Oscar Isaac has given great facial hair in the past, including at the recent Oscars (the salt and pepper is a nice touch) – which feels like a million years ago when it has been only two months. Facial hair isn't just for quarantine, but images like this sure are helping at the moment. - Emma Fraser

Gravity Falls

Rewatching Gravity Falls

At night, I crave something colorful, captivating, and completely insane to delight and enthrall me. The news and the day can all be washed away as I return to the cozy and kooky comforts of Gravity Falls. Alex Hirsch's 2012 cartoon series centers on intrepid twins Dipper and Hazel (Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal), who are spending an adventure-packed summer with their Gruncle Stan (Hirsch) in the titular town. It's a place of Mystery Shacks and mythical creatures, nefarious child-psychics and dimensional-skipping villains. There's silly episodes about miniature golf showdowns, spooky episodes about vengeful ghosts, and swooning episodes about summer love and crushing crushes. Then, over the course of two incredible seasons, there's an overarching plot about family secrets, a doomsday device, and the weirdest end-of-the-world threat you could imagine! Best of all, it's even better on the rewatch, where you can pick of Hirsch's cleverly dropped clues, callback jokes, and subtle background gags.

It's all on Disney+ and Hulu right now. Dive in, the binging is fine. - Kristy Puchko

Push the Button Jackbox

Sending aliens out the airlock in Jackbox's "Push the Button" game

Ever since quarantine began, we've all had to find new ways to continue our "normal" lives while actively staying away from other people. This proved difficult for me and my intensely competitive gaming friends for about one day until we figured out the logistics of playing all of our favorite games on Google Hangouts. One of those is by Jackbox Games and called Push the Button. I first encountered this game on NYE 2019 so I should've known it was preparing me for the mess that would be 2020. The general premise of the game is like Werewolf or Mafia… but with aliens. You and your compatriots are put into a space ship, but alien lifeforms have been detected. Through a series of tests (and lots of yelling), the humans must figure out who the aliens are and then toss them out of the airlock. By the end of the game, there's usually been so much yelling and accusations that I'm pretty happy to throw anyone out of the ship whether they were an alien or not. How cathartic. - Heather Mason

Ahsoka Star Wars The Clone Wars

New Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes

Disney's decision to do weekly episodes on Disney+ rather than the all at once drop of an entire series for binge-watching was a break from the trend for much of the streaming industry. I actually love this decision, and especially now with the returned and final season of The Clone Wars. It has become a weekly ritual for me, something to look forward to. I actually find myself able to get up a little earlier on Friday mornings before my workday begins. Armed with my Ahsoka beanie and a bowl of breakfast, I plop down in front of a screen and dig into the cartoon series with the same sense of joy and wonder that I did as a child on Saturday mornings. With the final arc of the series about to begin, things are getting intense and only likely to get more so from here. I am going to miss the heck out of this series when it's gone and I'm just so glad I get to linger with it now. It gives me such a bright spot in my week. Plus it even helps me to remember what day of the week it is! - Riley Silverman

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly's Twitter account

Oscar-nominated actor Jennifer Tilly is one of the secret comedians of the acting world. Her countless interviews and appearances on talk shows will show — this is one lady who knows to run with a shtick. While responses on quarantine have been across the board from the celebrity contingent, Tilly is out here defining the sheer boredom of being stuck inside, even if she's "stuck inside" a house a little bit nicer than my one-bedroom apartment. Tweets that read "I’ve learned a lot about myself since quarantine began... For example: apparently I need between 14 and 16 hours of sleep,” reflect the bizarre mix of anxiety and boredom many are feeling during this time. Tilly is perhaps most widely known by genre fans today as the murderous doll Tiffany from the Chucky franchise, and she's taken to outfit-matching with the doll and carting her out to the pool with her. These posts, like much of Tilly's output, are a little creepy while being hilarious, and these updates have been a surprisingly pleasant side-effect of quarantine. - Sara Century

Cowboy Bebop episode rankings hero

Finally watching all my anime boxsets

I have a rule when it comes to my pop culture habits: If I'm browsing eBay, wasting time in my local HMV, or checking out the latest additions at my secondhand DVD place and I see an anime boxset of any kind that's priced below £20, I will buy it. Such bargains are few and far between these days but as I grow ever-more committed to physical media in the digital age, it feels like a good investment. Of course, as with all my DVD purchases, it takes me an age to get around to actually watching them. So, what better time to check those series out than during a literal pandemic? I recently managed to complete my viewing of Speed Grapher, a show that combines a fascinating anti-capitalist streak with weird fetish porn (so of course I was into it) and I'm now checking out Wolf's Rain, a truly gorgeous and endlessly bleak drama whose apocalyptic lyricism seems painfully perfect for the current mode. Next up is Baccano! Well, that is if I can resist the temptation to just re-watch Cowboy Bebop for the 25th time or whatever. - Kayleigh Donaldson

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Creating my perfect cafe/arcade in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

In the before-times, I wasn't an Animal Crossing gal; I swore off life sims as a kiddo when the amount of time I spent playing The Sims 2 became a problem. Of course, hindsight and watching everybody else unite around Animal Crossing: New Horizons has proven me an Absolute Foole for not snatching up a Switch. Luckily, there's an app for that: 2017's Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. While it's very much a mobile game designed to encourage microtransactions, it definitely scratches the tree-shaking, furniture-crafting itch for the Switchless. I've been hard at work turning my campsite into a fun fair, my cabin into a very girly cafe-slash-arcade, and my camper into a spooky shrine to the otherwise unplaceable Scorpio lamp. In a world where I can't see my friends, it's nice to be able to log in while making dinner (or lunch? I forget the concept of time) and just have Skye hand me quest items because she thinks I'm nifty. Plus, I can just kick villagers out of my campsite with one click instead of having to bully them off of my island! Not that would I ever, ever part with Bob, the best villager in the entire series. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go farm randomly spawned little pink gyroids so I can build a counter for my cafe… - Clare McBride


Rewatching the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy

I have nothing but quarantime, and I've been spending some of it with strolls down memory lane. Actually, I've been streaming my way down memory lane. My most recent trip involved revisiting Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. After discovering they were all available to stream via multiply platforms I knew what had to be done.

The best parts in Spider-Man involve how dramatic and disrespectful Willem Dafoe is as the Green Goblin. Each time he burst through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man I couldn't help but laugh. Spider-Man 2 is a strong follow-up. Doc Ock and his sentient waist trainer work so well against the main plot of Peter Parker struggling with the responsibilities of being a hero. Spider-Man 3 works if you don't consider that it happens soon after the first two movies. It's really its own movie, a fever dream musical. In the end, Peter Parker should have woken up and gone "Wow, I've got to lay off of Aunt May's casserole." - Stephanie Williams

Julianne Nicholson

Julianne Nicholson drinking and yelling on The Outsider

As the devastated and aggrieved wife of Jason Bateman's Terry Maitland, Julianne Nicholson delivers yet another under-rated, under-appreciated, and under-celebrated performance on HBO's limited series The Outsider as Glory, a humiliated wife turned single mother, stuck in a confusing world where her husband was both wrongly and yet somehow — in theory — seemingly accurately charged with child murder. So often the left-behind spouse is a one-dimensional tragedy, but Glory is PISSED. Deservedly PISSED. She's day drinking, yelling at potential clients, piling up and possibly considering burning all her husband's stuff in the middle of the house while her children are all "Mom wtf?" When confronted with the very possibility that what both got her husband accused and killed was supernatural, she takes Ben Mendelsohn's skeptical cop who's seen it all to the next level — the angry-and-screaming-at-everyone level, making her officially the most realistic character to ever appear in a supernatural drama series. I love and cherish me an angry woman and Julianne Nicholson gave us a GIFT with this role. - Courtney Enlow


Rewatching Outlander

"There's so much downtime, Carly!" you exclaim. "Wouldn't you rather be using it to watch something new instead of a show you've definitely seen countless times (or, maybe more technically, just That Wedding Episode)?" No, and I'll tell you why: sometimes, what yours truly needs is a comfort watch that takes place in a time very much different from the one we're in right now, with plenty of costume porn to feast the gaze on, no matter if Claire happens to be stumbling through the 1940s or the 1740s. (The Season 2 lewks alone are worth revisiting. SO MANY SILK GOWNS.) Some people cozy up with a good murder mystery show, but I'll take my time-traveling romance dramas any day, especially right now. - Carly Lane