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What's in Chris Pine's Wonder Woman 1984 fanny pack? Here are our 10 theories

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Jun 13, 2018, 9:31 PM EDT

Early Wednesday, Warner Bros. officially announced that Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to the 2017 smash hit Wonder Woman, was officially in production. Director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot released several official images, but the photo that got everyone talking on Twitter was a behind-the-scenes paparazzi shot of Chris Pine wearing a fanny pack.

Yes, Pine's character Steve Trevor died in the last Wonder Woman film, so it's unclear how he's back in this one, but more importantly, he's wearing a fanny pack. The resurrection of a mortal man IS NOTHING in comparison to the man with America's Most Likable Face rocking a fanny pack as if his superpower is pulling off retro fashion items that no other person would ever dare to touch.

But here's the bigger question: What's in it? Hunter Harris wrote a hilarious article on Vulture (Chris Pine's Fanny Pack Is My New Sexual Orientation) that dove into its potential contents. 

Marika Brownlee has theories:

A Ghostbusters VHS

Yes, VHS tapes are a little too big for fanny packs. But it was the second highest grossing movie of 1984 and Steve Trevor apparently just woke up from the dead. He's disoriented. He doesn't know how to properly work with the volume of the fanny pack. And also, Ghostbuster VHS's are likely everywhere. It just makes mathematical sense that he'd be stuffing his pack full of Bill Murray comedies.

The Literal Book 1984

Steve Trevor has to get caught up with the modern world. He likely saw a Borders in the mall, and figured that he could get a crash course in 1984 with a book called 1984, only to learn even more about the horrors of fascism. Poor Steve. From a real totalitarian threat to a fictional one.

A Newspaper Clipping About Ronald Reagan

He probably has something about Reagan's re-election, likely so that he can show it to Diana and ask "EXPLAIN THIS. WHY?"

A Purple Rain Tape

I think zombie Steve Trevor would like Prince. I say this because, statistically, most people on the planet Earth like Prince.

A Born in the U.S.A. Tape

Bruce Springsteen was inescapable in 1984. He consumed all of heaven and earth. Little known fact: You were legally required to know all of the words to "Downbound Train" back then. I'm not making that up.

The Secret To Immortality

Chris Pine looks like a prom king that's been genetically engineered to beat you at arm wrestling. No one is gonna mess with him, unless that "one" happens to be a Greek deity. So I bet he feels pretty safe keeping the secrets to an everlasting life in his fanny pack.

A Copy Of Every Tweet Written About Him, Sealed With A Kiss

Don't argue with my logic.

The Script To Matt Reeves' Batman Movie

This is the DC Extended Universe, right? That means there has to be at least some kind of crossover. I think it's the script for the Matt Reeves Batman flick: Just two-hundred pages of Ben Affleck shrugging. Or maybe not Ben Affleck. Only Steve Trevor knows.

A Love Note To Wonder Woman

No one is good enough for Diana Prince — not Superman, not Batman, not anyone. But that wouldn't stop Steve Trevors from writing soft metaphors about her wonderful hair, and maybe some light poetry. Will he ever show it to her? No. He is too bashful. He'll keep it there, in the fanny pack, until the end of time.

Whatever He's Doing To Make His Hair Look Like That

Jeez, Steve. At least show a little wear and tear when you're fresh out of the crypt. You don't need to rub in the fact that you make my hair look like moss that went through a goth phase.