What's next for Being Human? The cast filled us in at Comic-Con

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Jul 22, 2013, 1:27 PM EDT

Destiny is the theme for the fourth season of Syfy's Being Human, as showrunner Anna Fricke revealed at Comic-Con International, as Aidan, Josh, Sally and Nora begin to accept what they are and that they've been brought together for a reason. Stars Sam Witwer, Sammy Huntington, Meaghan Rath and Kristen Hager joined Fricke in talking -- and teasing at -- details concerning the new season, slated to air in January.

Season four picks up three months after last season's finale,"Ruh Roh," and the roommates are trying to find their way back into the house. "We can't keep Josh in wolf mode forever," Fricke said. "Josh and Nora are living in the woods, trying to figure out what to do. So in the first few episodes, we'll find a way back for Josh to 'normal.'"

"Poor Josh and Nora, things have never been worse," Hager commiserated "They just can't catch a break. Nora is doing everything she can to get her husband back. We only see each other for half an hour every full moon, because he turns into a human for the night, and I obviously turn into a werewolf. That's no way to live life as a married couple. They definitely have their challenges ahead." Including parenthood. Nora and Josh took in stray werewolf Erin before Liam corrupted her. Hager said that is something that both characters want, but fear they'll be unable to do because of the season one miscarriage. "Innately they both want to be parents, but only time will tell."

Huntington sported a new beard and longer hairdo, which he confirmed was for the show. "It's killing me," Huntington said. "I have a mullet. Theoretically, Josh is stuck being a werewolf. It's pretty cool, and I'm excited about it." Josh spent eight episodes as a human before getting scratched by Liam. "I was starting to miss the wolf, and I think people were starting to miss it. I thought the way the writers did it was beautiful. Now that I'm a wolf, I want to stay that way."

"It's definitely a big psychological journey for Josh this year," Fricke added. "For all of them, really. The show has always been about them fighting what they are or accepting what they are. This season, they're forced to make that final confrontation of 'I'm going to live with this or not.'"

But what exactly is Sally now that she's been fused with Donna? Fricke said that audiences will learn that Sally has a different skill set. "The most stuff we're expanding on the ghost world. It's very paranormal this season, based (mostly) on what we've done in the past."

"I'm with Donna," Rath teased. "You'll see in the first episode. I've absorbed quite a bit of her power. My essence and energy has become more powerful, and I try to harness that to get out of my death spot." But Being Human fans know, every new advantage always comes with a price. Still, this is yet another transformation in Rath's character, the only one of the three to have the ability to change what she is. From ghost to reanimated corpse to quasi-zombie, fans will remain eager as to what Sally will manifest into next.

"I get to do the coolest stuff on the show, and I get to use my imagination. There weren't many rules for ghosts. It was limitless. On the first season they put limitations on purpose, but were able to break through them in the second, third and now fourth seasons. I love my character and what they've done with it, I want to say so much but can't. You'll see early on what's happening in regards to the powers I have now, but it's a blessing to have that creativity and change so much as a character."

Rath says she will miss being physical with cast members, especially eating on camera, and she will be relegated once again to one outfit, but she assures fans that the new season, while going to new places, will be well-stocked with roommate friendship and the importance of finding connections and forming relationships with other people, old and new. She also confirmed that her real-life brother Jesse will return this season as Sally's brother Robbie, and spoke with the writers of his show, Defiance, while at Comic-Con about her desire to guest-star. More on that, hopefully, in the near future.

That just leaves us with the lovable vampire with a death wish, Aidan. Witwer said this season will settle once and for all whether Aidan will run with the vampires again and help rebuild his race, which was wiped out by a plague, or if he'll be going out on dates with history buff Kat (Deanna Russo).

"Aidan is always the most interesting when he's around human beings," Witwer said. "Now having said that, we do get into politics, but it's different than the way it was done in season two. It's reintroducing the idea of a crime family. Remember Bishop and Marcus? Not to spoil anything, but people now trying to put this crime family, who realize he is older and has more experience than all of them, are coming to Aidan for help. Aidan rejects that, but he gives him little tips (avoid this, avoid that, get the cops to do this for you), which means he's still invested in this. When he sees them making mistakes, he says, 'No, no, no, you idiots! Me and Bishop went through this in the '40s; you do it like this and don't tweet about it.'"

One question that will be answered in the season-four premiere is who or what exactly came out of the taxi. It looks like Aidan's long-deceased wife, Susanna, but Fricke said it could be her, a descendant or something else. "We're going to see people you are not expecting to see," Witwer said. "They figured out a way to catch glimpses of certain characters and situations we never saw. Maybe they're in flashbacks, maybe not, but I am more than delighted to see certain actors again in season four." Blastr asked Witwer why vampires never appear as ghosts whenever they are turned to dust, to which he pretended he was deaf (hint?), but said to keep it in mind, as well as this:

"For anyone who's wondered why Aidan doesn't kill himself, we offer a definitive and interesting answer to why he doesn't. It's something Bishop [Mark Pellegrino] gets to reveal about vampires. There's this one weakness, one problem, but everything else is great [about being a vampire]."

Speaking of Bishop, Donna and big villains like Liam, Fricke explained her plans of how to structure this season.

"When we sat down with Syfy and talked about what we wanted to do this year, we specifically didn't want to introduce the big villain in the early episodes and kill them in episode 12 or 13. We've kind of done that, and it gets hard to string that along like, 'I'm going to kill you … later!' [Laughs] There's a mix of adversaries on a personal level, inner demons like Bishop, who was very reasonable in season one until we realized we needed him to do something bad. The fight with the individual challenges, but there is an overarching thing that ties it all together, but I can't say what."

"Like last season, they're thrown together a lot in season four. That's what's nice about not having one big baddie. We always try to have their stories cross as much as possible. They're very closely and tightly knit, as always. Their dynamic is not very tense, but they're bonded and have to stand up for and pull each other back from the edge."