What's Blair Witch helmer Daniel Myrick up to? Savant

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

The Blair Witch Project director Daniel Myrick told SCI FI Wire that he's developing Savant, a paranormal thriller film, which he said would be his biggest movie to date.

"Savant is about this guy named Jeremiah Stark who is incarcerated in this special facility," Myrick said in an exclusive interview on Tuesday. "He has this special ability to get inside people's heads and influence their behavior, thus turning the people into mass murderers, [by] doing nothing more than having a regular conversation."

Myrick adds: "You'll meet this guy, have a beer with him, or whatever; a month later, you'll wake up and take everybody out at the car dealership where you bought your car. He has this really uncanny power to do this, and these two people—this agent and this hostage negotiator—[are] trying to find out who this guy has spoken with in the past."

Myrick said he's been writing the script for a couple of years, and he considers this a pet project. "It's going to be, for me, in budget and in scope, the biggest thing I've done so far," he said. "I hope to be shooting that in the spring." Myrick's next film, the supernatural war movie The Objective, will be screening in select cities over the next few weeks.