What's next for Twilight director? The Shadow knows!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

If you were hoping that Sam Raimi would produce and direct that big-screen reimagining of the pulp hero the Shadow we'd all been hearing about—hey, we were hoping, too—it looks like both Raimi and the rumored studio behind the project are out.

According to latinoreview, not only is the Shadow moving from Sony Pictures to Fox, but Raimi is out as the director, and David Slade, who brought 30 Days of Night to the screen as well as the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, is in.

According to the site's "notorious trusted source Pinche Taco":

Anyway after five years Sony woke up and said Sayonara to the Shadow. So Raimi ran around begging for someone to save his precious invisible hero. And what the Taco has come to tell you is- he's getting Fox to pick the project up. Emma Watts at Fox is paying a MILLION DOLLARS to pick up The Shadow. She may not realize what she is buying. And get this, ninos- Raimi is no longer going to direct. Word is he is looking at David Slade to direct the film. I guess because he made THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT feel like THIRTY YEARS OF PULLING MY PUBIC HAIRS OUT. Raimi produced that mess and Slade, coming off Twilight 3.0 in 3D is hot.

So what do you think about Slade getting his hands on The Shadow?

All we know is that as long as it turns out better than that campy 1994 Alec Baldwin take on the character, we'll be happy!

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