What's up with Kevin Smith's stalled horror film Red State?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Kevin Smith's own News Askew Web site reported on Aug. 23 that the writer/director is still waiting to secure funding for his first horror movie, Red State. Now he tells SCI FI Wire that he may have misunderstood the film's financial status.

"I had a conversation with Jon Gordon, the producer on it, a dude who was our guy for years and years at Miramax," Smith said in an exclusive phone interview on Sept. 2 while he was promoting his book Shootin' the Sh*t with Kevin Smith: The Best of Smodcast. "The other day Jon was over, and he's like, 'What have you been telling people about Red State?' And I was like, 'That we don't have any money, that we can't find the money.' He's like, 'Why are you telling people that? That's not true.' I said, 'I don't see any Red State money. If I don't see it, if I've never heard of it, then how do I think that it exists?'"

It turns out that Gordon feels he's raised enough money but wants to secure casting before making any announcement. Smith wants to confirm money before he starts casting. Smith continued, "He goes, 'Well, I thought you just wanted to attach cast before we attach the budget.' I was like, 'No, before we can do that, I want to make sure there's money actually to go make the movie, before we even start thinking about bringing people on board, because then I've got to go out to them hat in hand and be like, "Hey, man, can you do this movie for f--kin' nothing?", because we're doing it for peanuts.' So it depends who you ask."

Smith has been vague about the plot of his genre script, only that its horror would come from political fundamentalism taken to the extreme. Should Smith settle the miscommunication with Gordon, Red State could be his next film.

"I keep saying we don't have the money yet," Smith said. "Jon Gordon's just like, 'We haven't even asked anybody.' So I don't know, the truth probably lies somewhere in between. Long story short, hopefully the money turns up very soon and we go. Failing that, I'm going to pursue my hockey movie next."