Whedon biography offers hilarious reason why he named his show Firefly

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Aug 1, 2014, 3:25 PM EDT (Updated)

We love Joss Whedon, the auteur who gave us Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and The Avengers. We love him for his snarky humor, his I-didn't-see-that-coming plot twists and his cruel and sudden deaths. If we want to know more about the man who shredded the Leaf on the Wind, we could always peruse the interviews that he's given over the years. But now we have something a little more full-on Joss-tastic: his biography.

Joss Whedon: The Biography, written by Amy Pascale, shares the life and work of a man who subverts horror with humor with ease. io9 has an exclusive excerpt: the chapter concerning Firefly.

It's best if you read it for yourselves, but the text describes Joss' inspirations (novel The Killer Angels, movie Stagecoach), as well as his casting issues. But best of all, it tells us why our favorite space western was named Firefly:

[Joss] warned the cast early on that there was a reason why he named the show Firefly, after the spaceship, and not after any central character. Adam Baldwin recalls Joss declaring, "Because I've had experience with that before and I don't want that. You're all expendable. If I choose, you can go at any time."

In other words, the title is a license to kill. 

Still not convinced that this biography needs a place on your bookshelf/e-reader? Amazon has another excerpt available, here.

Joss is 50 years old, with (hopefully) years of work ahead of him. With any luck, we'll be seeing multiple editions with additions on his future blockbusters and television shows.

Via io9.