Whedon returns to Marvel Comics, reunites with Cassaday for new Captain America story

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Mar 14, 2016, 4:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Along with his seminal work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, wonder-geek Joss Whedon has also left a mark on the comic side of Marvel’s empire. Now he’s making a return trip for a brand new Captain America story.

Whedon is set to reunite with his old pal John Cassaday (the duo previously collaborated on the fantastic Astonishing X-Men) for a new Cap story to coincide with the iconic hero’s 75th anniversary. The eight-page story will appear in Captain America: Sam Wilson issue No. 7, which hits shelves on March 30. Whedon told Marvel he was lured back to comics by the chance to work with Cassaday again (seriously, go read their Astonishing X-Men run if you haven’t already) and the short commitment of an eight-page story.

Here’s an excerpt from Whedon’s comments about the mystery project, which seems to be set in World War II:

“You know it’s always a chance to look at the definition of a hero and the way that it changed and [the] definition of masculinity and the way that’s changed and you know the idea of a guy working with a platoon in the middle of a war zone where there is civilians; you get this feeling of selfless commodity that’s a lot different than just beating up the bad guy or shooting him…

I had had a very big concept years ago that I desperately wanted to do which actually was a crossover with Captain America and Jenny Sparks from the Authority. It was about Captain America early in his career learning about the history of America, what’s good and bad about how this country was formed and how that’s reflected in Europe and so he didn’t have this jingoistic bad view of Europe and so the point that’s made in the little piece that we do here is how I wanted to end that which is him realizing what his purpose is and it’s not you know to hit people.”

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what Whedon brings to the Cap canon, and if you needed another reason to pick up the latest issue of Sam Wilson (which has been a really fun comic in its own right), now you have it.

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