Whedon shocked Marvel actually let him use the ending he pitched for Age of Ultron

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Feb 27, 2015, 2:44 PM EST (Updated)

As if we weren’t already bouncing off the walls to see Avengers: Age of Ultron, director Joss Whedon has tossed a few more gallons of gasoline on the fire.

Whedon talked with Yahoo! about his latest Marvel team-up, specifically about the scope of the film and its final faceoff with Ultron and his massive army of robots. It’s fascinating to hear Whedon geek out about this universe, especially since he played a large part in making it the monumental success that it is.

First up, Whedon revealed he was actually surprised Marvel allowed him to go with the big finale he pitched when he came up with the idea to feature Ultron in the sequel. It’s a testament to the amount of trust Marvel has in him, and we can’t wait to see that closing frame. He also talked about the challenge of building and changing this world, in much the same way Captain America: The Winter Soldier had far-reaching repercussions for the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

“[Avengers: Age of Ultron] got larger than the first film. I didn’t mean for it to get larger, but the climax that I pitched was completely unhinged and nobody said no, so that’s that … You know they’re going to fight Ultron. You know Ultron has a tendency to build hundreds of Ultrons. So that’s going to lead you in a certain direction, but the hard work of the thing is making sure everyone feels serviced and integrated. So, in the beginning it’s fun. You’re thinking, ‘What would be fun, what would be cool?’

The whole movie is a process of changing everything and keeping everything the same. You want to hit all the things that made people love the first movie, but you also want to make something new or why are you here … I don’t want to make The Avengers again - I did that one time. With the ending it was important for me that we felt a progression. We didn’t just feel, ‘well, no problem, we cleaned that up!’ because that’s an episode of television. That’s not a film. This film, there’s more at stake and we take that seriously.”

Outside of all the fun finale stuff, Whedon also talked about the opportunities afforded to something as unique as this — the second tentpole in a massive series of interconnected films. The first was a juggling act to, basically, prove it could actually work. But now Whedon said he gets to play in that sandbox and subvert our expectations of what an Avengers movie is supposed to be:

“The biggest thing for me is to go deeper with the characters. There are new characters, there are more characters, but the troupe I have from the first movie is so amazing that I want to get in their heads, and this movie is letting me do that in a way I couldn’t in the first one. Now that people accept the reality where Thor, Iron Man and all these guys hang out, I can now bend that reality. I’ve got Quicksilver and I’ve got Scarlet Witch and they have very different ways of looking at the world, looking at The Avengers and different powers. So that visually and emotionally, we can go to a place that we didn’t have access to the first time … To me, adventure film is the best way to put it. Then science fiction, action, western, war, woman’s picture, horror movie. I’m not kidding; every single one of those things is in there.”

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens May 1.

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