Whedon teases at least 1 new character for Avengers 2 (but who?)

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Nov 17, 2014

It may be three years away, but ever since we learned that Joss Whedon will indeed return to write and direct the sequel to his superblockbuster The Avengers (and put in some work on the rest of the Marvel Universe along the way), we've been wondering just how Avengers 2 will shape up.

Obviously, lots of fans are expecting new characters, and Whedon's teasing that might happen. But who will join Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

Unfortunately, Whedon's latest interview was published in Japanese, so direct quotes would be a little fuzzy to say the least, but we did manage to get the drift. Though he's playing the details close to the vest, Whedon did say he's hoping for a somewhat smaller-scale film this time around, though he promises a big villain and a big threat yet again. He also noted that he'll have input (along with Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige) into the shaping of all of Marvel's "phase two" films, though he won't be working to fit them all directly together and hopes they'll each stand alone. And oh, by the way, you won't have to have seen The Avengers to enjoy Avengers 2 (as if anyone won't have seen it by then).

But the thing that jumps out most amid all the tidbits is Whedon's tease that "at least one new character" will join the superhero squad for their second world-saving escapade. But who will it be? There are, of course, quite a few candidates, and it's probably fair to assume that a good many people at Marvel are pointing Whedon in one direction or another. But Whedon seems to have mentioned only one name in this interview: Wasp.

He's said before that he initially wanted to include Janet van Dyne (who is a founding member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in comic book continuity, and actually came up with the team name back in 1963) in the first flick, but ran out of room in the screenplay. Though Ant-Man's also a strong contender, since he's got his own movie on the way, it seems likely that Whedon will push for Wasp's entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe this time around.

What do you think? Is Wasp the right addition to the team, or would you rather see someone else?

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