Whedon regular Amy Acker teases Cabin in the Woods

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

When Joss Whedon needs something done, he always calls on his old friends, and his upcoming 3-D horror movie The Cabin in the Woods seems like no exception: The cast includes his Angel/Dollhouse co-star Amy Acker, who told us recently that she jumped at the chance to be in the movie. Whedon produced and co-wrote the script to the genre-bending horror movie, which Drew Goddard directed and co-wrote.

"That was another kind of lucky thing," Acker said in a group interview last month. "They hadn't found someone, and it was just a couple of days before shooting, so they asked me to go do Cabin in the Woods. Drew is just so awesome, and, of course, Joss is one of my best friends. Any opportunity, I always am like, 'I'll do catering. I don't care. Just let me hang out with you guys.'"

Acker also hung out with new additions to the Whedon clan. "All of my stuff is with Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford, so I was just laughing the whole time," Acker said.

Details on the film's plot remain a secret, but expect Whedon and Goddard to have something new to say about the old "kids in the forest" horror subgenre. So how crucial was Acker's last-minute fill-in?

"It's a smaller role, but I was out there for three weeks of it," she said.

We're going to have to wait another year to find out what The Cabin in the Woods is all about. The film will be converted to 3-D and be ready in January. Acker is excited to see these changes.

"I got that note," Acker said. "Drew sent out an e-mail to everyone. For me, having a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old, every movie I've seen in the past year has been in 3-D, so I was like, 'That would be so awesome, if they made a real movie in 3-D.' I guess that's the thing that everybody is doing now."

The Cabin in the Woods opens Jan.14, 2011.

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