When a neural network comes up with movie titles, you get Cannibal Spy II and Star Wars: The Santa Contract

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Apr 30, 2017, 2:27 PM EDT (Updated)

A professor at Georgia Tech decided to source all the movie, book, TV and video game titles and summaries on Wikipedia to power a neural network. Then, he asked it to name the next blockbuster movie or hit TV show. The results were … a bit mixed.

Prof. Mark Reidl used 112,936 titles and synopses to power his little project, and it cranked out some positively hilarious (and a few semi-plausible) titles for films literally built piece by piece by its components. As areas of media are made by committee more and more, this is a fascinating (and pretty funny) peek into the world we could be living in once Skynet starts making the programming decisions. You know it's only a matter of time before we get that Star Wars Christmas movie, right? The special was just the beginning.

Check out a longer list of highlights here, and we’ve cherry picked a few of our favorites below for good measure:

Titanic Buffalo

Pirates: A Fight Dance Story

Cannibal Spy II

American Hero: Fire of Crusty

Legend of the Experience of Scarlet Freedom Damageboo

Under the Daleks

Batman and Flancles: The Fun Tree

The Star Wars: The Santa Contact

Swords and Batman: Summer Party ?

Barney’s The Devil’s Treachery

Merry Scroobers: Crown of Evil

The Steel-Pounted Murder King

​(Via Postcards From the Frontiers of Science)

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