When Walking Dead returns, here's what's gonna happen with Rick and Carl

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Dec 18, 2013, 10:42 AM EST

Things aren't getting any easier during the zombie apocalypse. So how are the Grimes boys gonna get themselves out of this one?

The midseason cliffhanger has set up the likelihood that Rick and Carl may be on their own for a little while. That's the word from executive producer Scott Gimple, at least insofar as we can expect the show to pick back up come February.

And if you thought Rick was a ray of sunshine before, just wait until you see him now! He's going to be mourning the potential loss of Judith, says Gimple.

It's going to hit [Rick] in a way that we haven't seen before. If it's just the two of them, [Carl is] going to have to step up quite a bit because circumstances are wildly different and a lot will depend on him in terms of them just surviving. They don't have an awesome, dual-layer fence and brick buildings to hide behind. They're out in the world.

As for Judith, she might be dead, but she might not. Regardless, we've got our fingers crossed that the show won't spend too much time with just Rick and Carl. In the comics [possible spoiler ahead], everyone eventually regroups at Hershel's farm before heading to D.C. But the show has differed from the comics many, many times, so who knows?

All we can say is that Carl is going to have to step up, because clearly Rick is going to be in full-on emo mode.

(via Comic Book Movie)