Netflix's When We First Met trailer blends rom-com with time travel

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Jan 29, 2018

There is generally very little room in romantic comedies for science fiction, and vice versa. But the new Netflix film When We First Met attempts to merge the two genres into one property, as you can see in the new trailer below.

The gist is this: A guy (Adam Devine, The Final Girls, The LEGO Batman Movie) meets a girl (Alexandria Daddario, Texas Chainsaw 3D, San Andreas) at what one can only assume is a '90s-themed Halloween party. He falls for the girl but gets punted to the "friend zone" before he can make his move. Three years later, when the girl gets engaged, the guy wishes to go back in time to try his luck again. A Big-style fortune machine grants his wish, except when he goes back to the past, the guy tries too hard and is labeled a creepy stalker and an asshole.


This film appears to be firmly cemented in the realm of the rom-com, so there doesn't appear to be much science behind the time-travel bits. And if we had to guess, it also seems quite likely that the guy will figure out how to change things and ultimately get the girl. (That's how rom-coms work, right?)

When We First Met marks the second feature from director Ari Sandel, after 2015's The DUFF. He is currently directing a feature version of Monster High, based on the toys, and is currently attached to the next Goosebumps movie.

You can check out When We First Met on Netflix on Feb. 9. But with a premise that might be better suited to Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel, perhaps don't expect anything too mystical to happen.

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