Audrey on 'Fraudry' and Duke on why Haven is a Molotov cocktail

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

During Haven's first season cliffhanger last summer, we got a bunch of shockers. Not only did the chief of police explode, but FBI agent Audrey Parker turned out to maybe be someone named Lucy, AND a second FBI agent Audrey Parker showed up to confront her. As season two premieres tonight on Syfy, you can expect things to pick up right where they left off and the series to get darker this season, said Haven stars Emily Rose, who plays Audrey, and Eric Balfour, who plays Duke.

Rose admits the events of the cliffhanger shocked her as much as they did viewers. "I thought I was this FBI agent, and I went through a lot of the emotions that Audrey went through when she discovered that she may not be who she thought she is the whole entire season. So I had a pretty strong reaction, but then I was just really thankful that they did not tell me until later, because it allowed me to really have that experience," she said.

"We're going to come right back into where we left off ... into the scene where we find [Nathan and the two Audries] on the beach. The first few episodes ... Audrey's personally exploring what this means if she's not who she thought she was. And then, we're also going to go headlong into looking into each of the troubles of the week and more into the town of Haven and where this all comes from," said Rose.

"We're learning that obviously Audrey Parker's character, or Lucy or whatever—I can't even keep it straight at this point—how she is connected to Haven," said Balfour. "We're going to find out that Duke has a really strong, significant role to play in what is happening in this town. And actually how not only Duke but his entire family is connected to Haven and its struggles."

As for Duke—who last season discovered he was a man marked for death—a woman from his past comes into his life this season, played by Vinessa Antoine. "And Duke is sort of, I guess, similar to me in that way that he, Duke, is attracted to dangerous women. And he is one of those guys who doesn't like anything that comes easily. He likes the challenge ... and he likes a certain amount of danger and game and suspense," said Balfour. "So this woman comes into his life and definitely starts to turn things upside down and really is a catalyst for a big part of where Duke is going this season, and really in future seasons, too."

According to Rose, you can expect the relationships of the characters to expand this season. "Duke and Nathan are at odds with each other, yet would die for each other in a heartbeat. So what is that about? And Audrey and Nathan, like, work so well together, and is there anything more between them? We don't know. We kind of keep watching to see. And then Audrey and Duke, [he] just kind of brings out a different side of her. And then also, is she even who she is? I think all of those things wrapped up, [it's neat to] shake that [magic] eight-ball every week and see what pops up."

"We're going to find out a lot about this town," said Balfour. "We are definitely going to start to see Duke and Nathan's relationship evolve. ... I think, last season, we had a lot of references to what caused their rift and the possibilities that they once were friends and no longer are. But this season, we're really moving forward with their relationship and seeing what it's evolving into."

Nathan himself has his own issues this season, too, considering that his dad, the chief, turned out to be a troubled person himself and exploded. Now Nathan will have to decide whether he wants to step into his father's shoes.

And this season we'll get new characters, including Jason Priestley and wrestling star Edge. "Also, it's a bit more action-packed, and we go darker this year than we did last year, which I think a lot of people will enjoy. So those are all the new things coming into this next season—I mean, the stuff between Audrey, and who we refer to as 'Fraudrey'—is interesting and tricky," said Rose.

As to what the exact mystery that makes up Haven is, the actors don't have those answers, she said. "Those are definitely things that they keep us in the dark in, I think just for several reasons, probably, mainly so that we play the authenticity of really discovering those when they come along."

"I just think that we've moved to the deeper level," said Rose. "The writers have a very clear vision, in terms of what the last scene of the entire series will be, and so they're always working towards that point."

"I do know for a fact that Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn, the creators of the show, definitely 100 percent know exactly what's going on in this town," said Balfour. "I think it's probably not going to happen until like season five or six. They're going to prolong it as long as they can. But they definitely, definitely, definitely have an answer."

As for Balfour, he has his own guess as to what's going on in Haven. "I've always imagined, in my mind, that what's going on in Haven is in some ways, it's almost like global warming. As things shift in the universe of Haven and the world shifts and humanity shifts, things change. And at one time Haven, this town, was exactly as its name ensues, a safe haven for people that had these supernatural curses or troubles or afflictions," he said. "And so as nature changes, something happened in the energy of this town that created this Molotov cocktail of supernatural occurrences. And I always felt that it was much more evolutionary versus being one single action."

Haven premieres its second season on Syfy tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Are you ready to find out more about "Fraudrey" and see if Balfour's Molotov cocktail theory is right?