When The Stand hits the big screen, you can thank Harry Potter

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Dec 15, 2012

Harry Potter is one of Hollywood's most successful movie series, earning Warner Bros. critical acclaim and seven and a half billion dollars. Now the studio wants to do it all over again—this time with Stephen King's The Stand. And Harry Potter will be a big part of it.

Specifically, Warner Bros. wants to put Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves and director of the last four movies David Yates on the job.

According to HitFlix, "Warner Bros. is in the process of finalizing the deals for David Yates and Steve Kloves to re-team for a multi-movie version of Stephen King's epic The Stand."

Obviously, Warner Bros. is confident in Kloves' ability to adapt pop culture for the screen and Yates' prowess with maintaining a film's tone over years of work. In other words ... they want these geese to keep laying golden eggs.

The Stand is about the survivors of a military-created biological weapon, as well as a struggle between good and evil. It was written in 1978, revised in 1990 and turned into a made-for-TV miniseries in 1994.

We don't know how many movies The Stand will become, but a trilogy makes sense considering the book is split into three major sections.

The news of a movie series of The Stand almost (but not quite) makes up for the loss of The Dark Tower, which would not only have become multiple movies but also been continued as a television series. (Universal Studios heartbreakingly canceled the project over budget issues.)

(Via HitFlix)

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