Where are the BadAstroBloggers?

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Nov 9, 2005

One of the best things about the web is how someone will come up with some app, and then it evolves into a million little cool things.

Google maps is the killerest of killer apps. It has a million uses (I have a friend who uses it to map out arcologies for Shadowrun, for example, and if you don't know what that means you are terminally uncool-- wait, no, it's an RPG so you probably are cool if you don't know what all that means). One use has been exploited by Frappr, where you can create your own map and let people sign up with their location. A nifty use for it is for a blog, where readers can stick in their own locations.

So I had to do this for the Bad Astro Blog.

BABloggers, sign up! Show me where you are (you can add a picture too). You can keep up with the map by clicking this icon on the sidebar of my blog:

Amazingly, before I had even posted this blog entry, I had four people sign up, one of whom is in Spain. Pretty nifty. And it would be soooo cool to find that someone at Outpost 31 reads this blog...

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