Where could this Boba Fett movie go?

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Dec 17, 2018, 8:00 PM EST (Updated)

Reports broke on Thursday night that James Mangold, the director behind Logan and Walk the Line, has been brought on to bring Boba Fett to life on the big screen in a new Star Wars story. For many, this is the movie they've been waiting for: A Star Wars movie with their favorite bounty hunter bad guy front and center. For others, this is another chance for a white, male director to take up space directing a Star Wars movie about a character that is only half-interesting at best.

It's not the first time a Boba Fett film has been rumored. Josh Trank had been attached to work on an officially unrevealed standoff that was widely believed to be about Boba Fett until he was fired. No one could guess accurately whether or not this film would ever get picked up again, but now we have a yet-to-be-confirmed answer.

If Lucasfilm really is intent on bringing Boba Fett to the big screen, there are plenty of directions they can take it. Here are a few of my hopes.


At the last Star Wars Celebration, Dave Filoni revealed a scene from a never-finished arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This gave us a glimpse of Boba Fett in his armor for the first time, facing off against Cad Bane.

So that's where the dent in his helmet came from!

Setting something during The Clone Wars would offer the best entry point to show the most dynamic parts of Boba Fett's life. Namely, how he got his sterling reputation and stole it from a certified badass like Cad Bane, who I'd also love to see on screen. The movie could sport a classic Western vibe. Even in this clip, we get glimpses of Sergio Leone-style music and visuals.

This is a story fans want and it came from George Lucas himself, so why not give it to us on the big screen?



The era during The Clone Wars also offers the most interesting pieces of Boba's character and a film could offer us a deeper window into that. Think on this: Boba Fett is a clone of his father. He's trying to survive in a galaxy that is opposed to him and the Republic's enforcers all share the face of his beloved, departed dad. Bringing the Daniel Logan version of the character back to confront a galaxy with the ghosts of his father everywhere is more science-fiction than the franchise has gotten, but I'd be game for a story in that vein.

**Spoiler Alert: There are a few spoilers of Solo: A Star Wars Story below**



In Solo: A Star Wars Story, it's mentioned that Beckett killed Aurra Sing. What if that were on a job in which Aurra and Boba Fett teamed up? They worked together plenty on The Clone Wars, so why couldn't that work on the big screen? It would give us an opportunity to bring back Beckett, Val, and Rio Durrant and serve as a Han-less prequel to the Han movie.

Boba Fett, Aurra, Bossk, and maybe even Dengar could make up one competing crew, while Beckett and his group could be on the other side. Basing it off of a classic samurai anti-hero movie like Yojimbo could be cool, pitting one group of villains against another.

And then we'd get to see the fall that killed Aurra Sing and that would be great for everyone.



Or, perhaps, the Boba Fett movie could work as a pseudo-sequel to Solo. That film sets up some pretty definite ideas about the battle lines drawn between Maul's Crimson Dawn and Jabba's control of the Hutt Cartel. With Han and Qi'ra on either side of the conflict and Boba Fett teaming up with Han and Chewie, this could be a very fun film.

Or maybe the film could be about the first time Han and Chewie drop their cargo for Jabba and Boba Fett comes after them. There are plenty of ideas for stories that pit Han and Boba Fett against each other. And if Fett is the central character, casting Han as the bad guy might make for a different pace of Star Wars film than we've ever had before.



If there's a thing the standalone films have been great about, it's in showing us the backstories for lines from previous Star Wars films. I'd love to see why Vader chides Boba Fett about "No disintegrations" while wagging a finger at him like the bounty hunter is an unruly child. And there's something haunting about Boba Fett operating in the era of the dark times and to see the dark inverse of what we had during The Clone Wars. Anakin and the clone Captain Rex did a lot of good in the galaxy, now imagine their masked and evil counterparts in Darth Vader and Boba Fett marauding across the galaxy and hunting Jedi.

Sounds like there could definitely be some dark fun to be had there as long as they found a way to inject some humor into the story.

Say… Doctor Aphra?


This is the one era I don't want to see Boba Fett in. I sort of like that he's pretty much dead. Star Wars: Aftermath implied that he was dead and his armor might have been salvaged and someone else could have picked up the armor, but I feel like this would be a cheat to the fans. And it would most likely end in a white-washing of the character and, frankly, that's not okay.


One thing is for sure: there are only two people who ought to play Boba Fett. Daniel Logan, who played him as a child in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and voiced him on The Clone Wars, or Temuera Morrison, who played Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones. Recasting the part would cause an understandable outcry. There are a lot of bad takes out there asking the filmmakers to ignore the prequels and, in some cases, they read like coded missives hoping that Boba Fett could be retconned back into a white guy. I hope that doesn't happen. Morrison and Logan are both great actors and could bring back a life to the role that some felt was cut short too soon by Mace Windu.

And seriously, doesn't Daniel just look right in the armor?

There are even plenty of story ideas that could blend both Fetts and bring them back in the same movie. Mangold seems like the right sort of person to be able to tell the story of a man's life across a huge timeline. So, why not utilize both actors?

Whatever we get, I'm sure it will cause controversy in some circles and make other fans happy.

That's just the nature of Star Wars.

For those who want to catch up on Boba Fett, here's a list of his canon appearances over at the official Star Wars website.