Where has the BA book been? Part III

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Nov 30, 2007

In our last episode, the book was seen being sported in the shadow of the giant Parkes radio telescope in Australia. So where has it turned up now?

Many years ago I received an email from a young woman named Maya from Serbia. She told me stories of how people in her country were afraid of the 1999 total solar eclipse, because rumors were being spread by the government there that if you looked at the eclipse it would kill you.

Americans are far from having a monopoly on teh stoopid.

I mentioned her in my first book (mistakenly saying she was from Bosnia, dumb dumb dumb, but I had lost her email and was going from memory). Some time later she contacted me again! I was thrilled. She seems like a pretty cool person; we've emailed each other on occasion and she sent me some books on Serbia, and I sent her a copy of the book since she was in it and all.

She loved it (I said she was cool) and she sent me a picture:

So this sets the bar pretty high: the book has been to the VLA, to Parkes, to Serbia. Where next?

So, do you own a copy of the book? Take a picture of yourself holding it in some fun location, send it to me, and I'll post it here.

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