Where has the BA book been, Part XI: Incoming!

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Feb 16, 2008

My friend Kay Ferrari is a wonderful woman. She works at JPL, and she runs the all-volunteer Solar System Ambassador program, a great project which trains people to teach kids about astronomy. When I was at Sonoma State University we based our Educator Ambassador program on her work.

She was in NYC recently, and she knew about my call for photos of my first book. So she took this one, which almost literally rocks:

That's the fantastic Willamette meteorite (yes, the one Stephen Colbert licked) at the Hayden Planetarium. It's not rock, it's iron and it weighs several tons. Yikes.

I spend a bit of ink in the book talking about asteroids and meteorites, so once again we have a very appropriate setting. Of course, my new book will deal with impacts in some gory detail, so we may have to do a reshoot at some point. That OK with you, Kay?

So, do you own a copy of the book? Take a picture of yourself holding it in some fun location, send it to me, and I'll post it here!

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