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Where the Steven Universe movie could take its characters next

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Aug 20, 2018

While the Steven Universe movie is coming soon to give us our Steven fix, we still have no idea about what it's actually about. Yes, it's got our favorite characters of course, and it's from the Crewniverse that has brought us some of the coolest, most engaging moments on TV (including the recent marriage of Ruby and Sapphire) and touching plot developments that have shocked and amazed us, but beyond that, we just don't know.

What could the movie have in store for the fans and the rest of the characters? We've got a few ideas but beware of spoilers, especially if you haven't caught up with the most recent episodes just yet.

When the Steven Universe movie was first announced, all fans got was a brief teaser trailer with a spinning heart gem at the center of a dark background. The gem rotates from going right-side-up to upside down, reflecting Steven himself and the Crystal Gems before we see the silhouette of an evil-looking new character with pigtails and a dark grin. It's unclear who this is supposed to represent, as she doesn't look like any other character we've ever seen before.

It's possible that the Steven Universe movie could very well tell a new story altogether, just like the video game adaptations Attack the Light and Save the Light did, introducing a new threat in the form of a new Homeworld gem named Hessonite. Hessonite had never appeared in the series prior to this game and hasn't been referenced since.

It's not likely this will be the case, considering the show is the victim of an extremely erratic airing schedule with no real fanfare behind when it may suddenly appear on the Cartoon Network app or on the network itself.

So what could potentially happen? If it's going to follow the plot of the current story arc, we'll have to pick up where the show left off. Right now, Steven is facing off against White Diamond, the supposed leader of Homeworld and the rest of the Gem Authority that we've spent so much time wanting to see more of. Pink Diamond has just been revealed as Steven's mother Rose Quartz, and things have changed considerably.

Pearl finds herself in an interesting predicament, because she swore she'd never let anyone know Rose's secret, and now the most important person in Rose's life is privy to the truth. It's a whole new dynamic for everyone in the Crystal Gems — and such a shocking revelation that even Blue and Yellow Diamond have to sit up and pay attention, putting aside their differences for the moment to explain to White Diamond what exactly has happened to Pink and where she's been all these years.

But there's something off about White. She's bathed in blinding white light, so much so we can barely see her features, and her Pearl is similarly strange. She seems somewhat oblivious to Steven "being" Pink and treats him as though she's blinded to the truth. Is this actually White Diamond, or some sort of construct that's meant to act as the "real" thing? Perhaps the silhouetted, pigtailed villainous character teased in the movie preview is the real enemy, and the White Diamond from the TV show is a front for who's really pulling the strings.

With Ruby and Sapphire having just gotten married and Garnet in the picture more fully, we've got Amethyst looking to still find her "own" place in the Crystal Gems, as well as the newly un-bubbled Bismuth, Peridot, and Lapis Lazuli. We also saw our first look at the "real" form of Centipeedle, or Nephrite, as she was revealed to be when uncorrupted by Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Steven. Interestingly, Nephrite was under the command of a Hessonite, just like the game-only character was we mentioned earlier, but chances are we won't hear more about that unless there are specific story threads introduced in the show at a later date. 

Could the Steven Universe movie be a completely new storyline that ignores the recent developments and dives into the show's other plot threads, Dragon Ball Z movie-style, or continue on to give fans some sense of closure for the current storyline? It's unclear, and with the way Cartoon Network seems to be burying the show in terms of promotion, this could be one of its last hurrahs. There are a ton of directions it could go in, as a result, and while these are just ideas, it's going to be interesting to see what's finally settled on when we hear more about the movie... whenever that may be, anyway. 

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