Where were these people when they should have spoken up?

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Jul 10, 2007

So now we have an ex-Surgeon General saying the Bush White House pressured him not to talk about stem cell research and other topics not deemed palatable by this troglodyte Administration that is so routinely antiscience that if they said the Sun rises in the West we'd have a hundred slavering "journalists" saying they have been saying that for years, and hardly anyone would notice.

Here's what the former SG had to say about Bush's White House:

"Anything that doesn't fit into the political appointees' ideological, theological or political agenda is ignored, marginalized or simply buried," Dr. Richard Carmona, who served as the nation's top doctor from 2002 until 2006, told a House of Representatives committee.


I'm glad he spoke up. But hey, maybe this would have helped a bit more five years ago. He was the frackin' Surgeon General, the top doctor in this country and

in charge of this nation's health! a spokesman for health in this country!

What makes this worse is that I remember quite well a Surgeon General who spoke her mind, and to heck with the repercussions. Can you imagine any person in this current Administration, let alone the Surgeon General, saying "Condoms will break, but I can assure you that vows of abstinence will break more easily than condoms"?

And why, oh why do we hear about these things long after it's too late, when lives have been lost, when procedures and laws have been ossified, and we condemn an entire generation to a future that they can't afford?

I'm looking at you, Colin Powell.

Here's some advice: speak up. Now. I've already contacted my Senators and Rep several times since I've moved to Colorado, and I'm not planning on stopping. I've got things to say, and I'm going to say them.

Hat tip to Angela Gunn.

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