Where Avatar's $1.3 billion REALLY comes from

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

We're not in Kansas anymore. We're on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen! If you don't believe us, believe the numbers. As we told you earlier today, Avatar has taken in about $1.34 billion worldwide, second only to James Cameron's previous blockbuster, Titanic ($1.8 billion).

We know where some of that money came from—us. (Yes, it's true. Not everyone at SCI FI Wire gets into those swanky Hollywood advance screenings.) But where'd the rest of that money come from?

Here, as best as we can determine according to the most recent info assembled by Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and other entertainment news organizations, is the country-by-country breakdown of ticket sales.

Argentina $1,355,873
Australia $49,284,892
Austria $6,390,284
Brazil $20,677,696
Bulgaria $1,750,831
Chile $4,129,164
Domestic (U.S. & Canada) $430,846,514
France $69,084,433
Germany $54,057,488
Hong Kong $11,131,296
Japan $35,050,720
Mexico $23,376,392
New Zealand $4,487,227
Russia $41,599,901
Portugal $4,383,348
South Korea $48,571,075
Spain $46,154,230
Switzerland $7,480,763
Turkey 8,969,218
United Kingdom $53,315,370
Other Foreign Sales 410,849,799

(Note: That final line item represents total foreign ticket sales minus countries we could specifically account for.)

So—how many more weeks do you think it'll be before Cameron inevitably breaks his own record?

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