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Which Avenger represents your BFF style?

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Jun 13, 2018, 9:09 PM EDT (Updated)

Memes and fun Twitter threads come and go, and while they provide a pleasant distraction or useful internet shorthand to describe various social scenarios or personal observations, rarely does one shake me to my very core.

But, today, I feel seen. I feel read. I feel...like Bruce Banner, apparently.

Twitter user @shuriquill created a thread using members of the Avengers team to describe various types of friends. Are you the Tony friend? The Gamora friend? The Okoye friend (WE WISH)? As for @shuriquill and her own friend style, she told us, "I’m torn between Shuri, Tony and Rocket but I guess I’m mostly a Tony Friend."

Sure it's all fun and for a laugh, but this thread is a perfect depiction of why we love our favorite superheroes, why they resonate with us beyond cool powers. It's their humanity and our own humanity that we see within them that means so much to us. We are by no means strong like Thor (I struggle at times with opening doors at restaurants) but "been thru sh*t but they’re still soft" and "dramatic entrances ftw?" RELATABLE. 

For whatever flaws and quirks we might have, it's nice to know there's a hero out there who gets it, and that if their friends can love them anyway, so can ours. 

But for real, let's all be the Okoye friend we want to see in the world.

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