Melissa McCarthy The Walking Dead Google Arts

Which famous paintings do the stars of The Walking Dead resemble?

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Jan 19, 2018, 4:39 PM EST (Updated)

This week's viral trend is the Google Arts & Culture app. It has a lot of traditional educational features, like curated collections of some of the world's best artwork and virtual tours of museums and landmarks. But the one feature that is taking the internet by storm is the feature that allows you to compare your selfie to famous pieces of artwork and see which portrait you most resemble.

AMC had a little fun with this feature and ran photos of the stars of The Walking Dead through the portrait matcher. Melissa McBride's Carol was matched up with Sgt. Lois Wilson by American painter Francis Vandeveer Kughler. Andrew Lincoln's Rick was matched up with Zittende Turk met een dolk in zijn ceinturr, an 1855 artwork by Louis Chantal. Norman Reedus' Daryl matched up to Portret van de beeldhouwer Pier Pander by Thomas Cool (appropriately enough).

Melissa McCarthy The Walking Dead Google Arts

Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead Google Arts

Norman Reedus The Walking Dead Google Arts

But the fun part of this exercise is that AMC put a walker through the portrait matcher. So what classic artwork does this rotting piece of once-human flesh resemble? Portrait of artist Vaino Kamppuri, painted by Finnish expressionist painter Ilmari Aalto in 1917. Probably not Aalto's intention when painting this portrait.

The Walking Dead zombie Google Arts

You can get in on this fun by downloading the Google Art & Culture app for iOS and Android. Which painting do you match up with?

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