Which sci-fi TV shows got the most social media love in 2012?

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

It's not surprising that we turn to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to talk about what we're watching on TV at any given time, but have you ever wondered what shows get talked about the most? Or, more importantly, what genre shows get talked about the most?

Social media intelligence service Trendrr, which measures social media trends in TV every week, has compiled a list of the top shows discussed in social media over the last year, measuring each show's social media presence by the number of times it's mentioned on Facebook, Twitter, GetGlue and other sites.

According to Trendrr's data, the top show of the year was SpongeBob Squarepants, which picked up a total of more than 21 million social media mentions. We can probably chalk that up to kids with Facebook accounts (or, possibly, stoners), but which genre shows made the list, and which one came out on top?

As you may have guessed, the top sci-fi, fantasy or horror series of 2012 was The Walking Dead, which came in 10th on Trendrr's list with a little more than 6.1 million mentions. Second among genre shows was The Vampire Diaries, which picked up approximately 4.5 million mentions and came up 14th on the Trendrr list. Geek sitcom The Big Bang Theory placed 20th with about 3.4 million mentions, while MTV's Teen Wolf came up 21st with 3.36 million mentions. Among the other genre shows on the Top 50 list were HBO's True Blood (27th, 2.32 million mentions), Supernatural (35th, 1.93 million mentions), Game of Thrones (36th, 1.92 million mentions) and Once Upon a Time (40th, 1.86 million mentions).

Take a look at the full Top 50 list below. Which shows did you talk about the most on social media this year? Which shows on this list surprise you?

(Via Mashable)