Which Super Bowl trailer proved the biggest bang for the marketing buck?

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Feb 7, 2018, 12:05 PM EST (Updated)

Do you ever wonder, mid-commercial, how much a company spent hawking their product or a studio spent hyping their movie? Well now we have some data that can not only explain how much these folks spent on your hard-earned attention during the Super Bowl, but how good they were at keeping it.

Variety and “TV advertising attention analytics company" iSpot.tv took a deep dive into some of the top spending from the big game to explain who came out on top.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom seems to have taken its place atop the dino-throne since, while its spending topped its competitors, it attained the best ranking in iSpot’s Attention Index. The sequel’s trailer had 40 percent fewer interruptions than the average trailer, which includes things like switching to a different channel, pulling up the search guide or info bar, or fast-forwarding, in addition to just turning off the TV entirely.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had an Attention Index of 140 and an Attention Score of 95.78 -- neither of which means much without context. So let’s look at the other Super Bowl debuts. With two ads and the second-most spending, the Rock's actioner Skyscraper saw a huge drop in the Index (67) and a decent loss in the Score (89.55). Solo spent less and did more, finding almost as much attention as Jurassic World and garnering a Score of 92.03, at a fraction of the cost. Mission: Impossible - Fallout also did good business with eyeballs, keeping even more than Solo did at 93.96, while spending relatively little (at least compared to Jurassic World).

In terms of total impressions (views) per ad, Solo came out on top. Its single Super Bowl trailer got 64,928,850 impressions, blowing the Jurassic sequel’s 56,025,992 out of the water at about two-thirds the price. People just love Star Wars, and the Solo spot had the added buzz of being the film's first-ever footage. Though apparently folks just can’t look away from dinosaurs, either.