Which Walking Dead star has been getting fan death threats? And why?

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Mar 11, 2013, 5:07 PM EDT

Geek fan obsession may have reached a surreal boiling point with AMC's popular zombie fest. 

In a recent interview with EW, actor Norman Reedus admitted his co-star Laurie Holden, who plays the tough, conflicted blonde Andrea, received death threats after her character's accidental winging of his hothead redneck, Daryl Dixon, last season.   Rabid watchers of the show may still be a bit miffed about her marksmanship, or lack of, and are getting pretty hot about the incident by threatening to exterminate her.

Norman Reedus said, “She came to the set and was freaking out: ‘People want to kill me!’ I was like, ‘Come on.’ And the next day: ‘Norman, I’m terrified. People are threatening my life!’”

The insanity called for executive producer Gale Anne Hurd to ask Norman Reedus to take a picture with Holden and say “Hey, we’re buddies. Don’t be mean to her, she’s just playing a part.”  Reedus then scattered the photo across the blogosphere to appease these delusional fans and jolt their juicy, overactive brains into reality.   Here's the um ...  shot.


 So does Andrea deserve Dead fans' misdirected ire or should they just be happy she was a crappy shot?

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