Which 3 books just knocked Harry Potter from the top of Amazon?

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Dec 17, 2012

The legend of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter has dominated Amazon's charts for years now. But the Boy Wizard just got kicked to second place.

Not surprisingly, Suzanne Collins' monster hit Hunger Games trilogy has now beaten out the Harry Potter series as Amazon's best-selling book series in both e-book and hard-copy sales.

The crazy part? Collins managed to do it in three books, while it took Rowling seven installments to hit the record. As Amazon Editorial Director Sara Nelson told the Wall Street Journal:

"Interestingly, this series is only three books versus Harry Potter's seven, and to achieve this result in just four years is a great testament to both the popularity of the work and, we think, the growth in reading digitally during that time."
It's a testament to the fact that folks are reading more, sure, but it also shows just how successful Hunger Games has become in a short amount of time. Plus the explosive growth of e-book sales hasn't hurt, either.

(Via The Mary Sue)

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