Which hit sci-fi movie had the sloppiest science of 2012?

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

The past year was a big one for sci-fi movies, and according to some, a pretty maddening time when you focus on the "science" part. So which hit movie had the sloppiest science of 2012?

The team at Popular Science took a look at some of the hottest sci-fi hits of the year, but only one elicited a review calling it a "funhouse of ridiculous and horribly distracting violations of science—and common sense."

The culprit? Ridley Scott's Alien semi-prequel Prometheus, which focused on a half-baked mission to the stars in search of the meaning of life. It aimed for big ideas, but most fans would agree it missed the mark on a lot of them.

Here's the Popular Science report, which breaks down the worst offenses:

"Untold light-years from Earth, an android can't properly count time; when asked how long the mission has lasted, he says, "2 years, 4 months, 18 days, 36 hours, 15 minutes," not "2 years, 4 months,19 days, 12 hours and 15 minutes". What's more, a crew awakens from hibernation pods having never met one another -- on perhaps the most resource-intensive and expensive endeavor humanity has ever attempted. It only gets worse when scientists and mercenaries hop off the spaceship and enter an alien temple.

We witness some of "the most irresponsible, inept archaeologists ever to don spacesuits," as our Twitter follower Rob Hinchcliffe put it, take off their helmets just minutes after leaving the spacecraft. Advanced atmospheric sensors or not, this is a terrible idea. What if there's an unknown, undetectable, and highly toxic compound in the air? Or a virulent strain of life? No matter: Soon enough the movie's characters are touching creepy-looking aliens (and, of course, dying horrible deaths). Then they carry alien heads inside their spaceship and electrocute them until they explode. And then, only after all of this death and catastrophe, they decide to map the temple."

Though Prometheus took the top spot, the list included the top seven stars of sloppy science. From bad to worse: The Amazing Spider-Man, Looper, Skyfall, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Total Recall and Prometheus.

Which film do you think showcased the worst science of 2012?

(Via Popular Science)