Which horror flick ended up the lowest-grossing failure of 2012?

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

We've talked about a lot of high-profile flops this year, some that made us sad and some that just made us laugh. But none of them came close to the spectacularly low box-office numbers of this horror flick, which earned less than $300 (no, that's not a typo) in its box-office run.

Playback is a small horror flick (with a budget estimated at only about $7.5 million) about an evil force that's able to possess its victims through video playback (sound familiar, Ring fans?) and threatens to reveal dark secrets in a Michigan town. It starred Christian Slater and co-starred the likes of Caprica's Alessandra Torresani. Despite a couple of semi-big names, the film grossed only $264 theatrically. Yes, you're still reading that right. No zeroes after that. Just three figures.

So why'd the flick tank so badly? Well, some of it has to do with a very limited box-office run. The film was only available in a single U.S. theater, for one week, and after earning $252 on opening weekend it took in only $12 more in the remaining days of its run (which might explain why that run was so short). Based on average U.S. ticket prices, The Daily Mail calculated that the movie was seen theatrically by only about 33 people.

That's a sad distinction to have, but at least Playback is now on DVD, where more people can spend a little money and make it seem less sad. Have you seen the flick? Were you one of the illustrious 33 to see it in its very limited theatrical run? Are you itching to watch it just to see if it deserved to earn so little money?

(Via Huffington Post)