Which of these 6 women will star in The Dark Knight Rises?

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Dec 14, 2012

Christopher Nolan is reportedly lining up six actresses whom he'll meet with about two roles in The Dark Knight Rises. One of the parts is a love interest for Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), while the other is a villain. But in typical Nolan fashion, the characters' identities are being kept a secret.

According to Deadline, Nolan is going to meet with Rachel Weisz, Natalie Portman, Naomi Watts, Blake Lively, Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley. It's not clear whether he has any particular actress in mind for the romantic role or the villain.

Unless Nolan is delving really deep into Bat-history, this would seem to narrow the villain down to three choices: Catwoman, Talia al Ghul and Poison Ivy. Of course, the first two could also be love interests as well, although that doesn't seem to be the direction that the filmmaker is taking. And Poison Ivy, frankly, is too fantastical for the Nolan films.

Earlier rumors about Charlize Theron or Vera Farmiga being approached to play the romantic lead (said at one point to be Julie Madison) seem to be false, especially since neither woman appears on the new list.

So which of the women named above would be good for the heroine or the bad girl? Let's take a look.

Rachel Weisz

Credits: The Fountain, The Lovely Bones

Heroine or villain? Weisz is a tremendously talented and Oscar-winning actress capable of playing complex parts with a dark edge. We would love to see her as either Selena Kyle or Talia al Ghul.

Naomi Watts

Credits: The Ring, Fair Game

Heroine or villain? Another strong player with Oscar nominations to her credit, Watts usually plays morally strong women caught in tough circumstances ... which might be perfect for a woman in love with Bruce Wayne.

Natalie Portman

Credits: Thor, Black Swan

Heroine or villain? Portman shows off an astonishing darkness in the upcoming Black Swan, but she might be a little too young to play someone like Catwoman. Plus she's already got a superhero franchise under her belt with next year's Thor.

Blake Lively

Credits: The Town, Green Lantern

Heroine or villain? Lively showed a lot of promise as a bad girl in The Town, but we think she's probably better suited as a love interest. Big red flag, however: She's already the love interest in another upcoming DC Comics movie, Green Lantern.

Anne Hathaway

Credits: Alice in Wonderland, Love and Other Drugs

Heroine or villain? Hathaway has been playing edgier, more complex roles lately in movies like Rachel Getting Married, but she doesn't quite strike us as the villain type.

Keira Knightley

Credits: Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2, 3, Never Let Me Go

Heroine or villain? Knightley is a very versatile actress who can do romance, comedy, action and melodrama. She could make an excellent villain.

So our picks? Weisz as Catwoman or Knightley as Talia al Ghul, with Watts as the romantic lead.

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